The Living Things at Home


If I were talking about you and me then I would say human beings but I am not. I am talking about the others who become a part of our family having spent years with us. The ones we cannot imagine our homes without. Now technically, many of us who have never known the joy of having these living things around will never know what it that I am talking about is but this is an article just to suit that purpose.

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So if you have ever had a dog as your pet, raise your hand and say yes. Don’t worry, I do not mean that, it is just a gesture. But I know many of you had guessed it right. From the day they enter your home, they adapt to your ways and you to them. Waking up with you and going to sleep you. It is not you alone that they learn, they learn your lifestyle, your gesture, your schedule, things you love, things you hate, taking care of you till they are left with that little ounce of energy within them. But yes they demand affection, loads of it. And you cannot imagine the effect it might have on your mood, your emotions and hence your well being. Suddenly your life gets a new purpose and you are willing to live and die for this sweetheart and trust me when I say, it just like having a baby around to care for all the time only this time he or she loves you back even more than you could ever love them. Apart from dogs, there are cats and squirrels and bats too which make it to the list of pets, dogs still being human’s best friend.

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As we get over with the discussion of pets, let us discuss some other things that might yet affect your lifestyle, transforming you from within and making you feel good. I will accept it when you say that their effect is probably not as strong as the dogs and other pets but I can assure you that you have no idea just how significant they are. If you have an aquarium full of favourite colored fishes or just a large bowl with a tiny golden fish, I trust you when you tell me that it makes you immensely happy. Just to watch that little creature move around and sometimes rest themselves is the most pleasant thing. Now if you happen to have a large aquarium with loads of fishes, it is perfect bliss as you watch the interaction between one another. When it is their food time, they somehow seem to know it and ha…to watch them grab on. It might just be the most fulfilling part of your day. After a day full of hardships and disappointment when you push one deadline to meet another, coming back to these little swimmers will always calm you down. And with them around, you will neither be lonely nor sad. When your world falls apart sometimes, you can come the fellows for some ‘let it be’ advise, they will not disappoint you.

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The habit of having a flower vase around is yet another prized inculcation. As you might have noticed that there is a little something called color therapy. Now your favourite flower might just be of your favourite color too. If not, no worries. They make you happy anyway. Just to have those fresh sticks of roses or crysanthamum or gladioli or lily, all fresh is refreshing in itself. It becomes a part of your daily duty to pick up the things of beauty from the local flower shop as they greet you with a smile. The entire process becomes so beautiful but you hardly ever take time to ponder over the changes and feel blessed with having them in your life. When you are having a fight with your beloved or are really upset over something and you turn to the flowers lighting up your wall, it will instantly have an effect on your mood and instead of arguing back you will probably just feel how you could have enjoyed this time not fighting because you still love him or her so much. Guess what? It is definitely you talking but more than that it is those flowers making you talk.

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So the under rated living things at your home have a more pleasing effect on you than you might be willing to give them credit for. I am sure that your pets probably are too precious to be counted in the list and are one of you at your home. But the birds in your tree and the flowers in your garden, even the vegetation when grown fine makes you happy and contributes to your state of mind. In fact with the habit of having fresh flowers everyday you have no idea how far this little investment can take you mentally and emotionally. Only looking at these colorful beauties will instantly lighten up your mood, ease your pain, calm you down and make you feel an inexplicable sense of bliss. As if the world was in perfect harmony and the creation is just perfect the way it is.

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