Make your hair go green- but not literally!

To all the young ladies out there, I’m sure everybody absolutely loves to style and color their hair in different ways and types- crimping, straightening, curling, frizzing, blow drying, streaking- there are a million options nowadays, to make your hair look like they never have before. With so many options available, since it has become such a style statement to absolutely disfigure your hair and with the expansion of the industry, like every other prominent thing, this too has found ways of becoming eco-friendly. Conventionally, the treatment for the goldilocks to go bronze and other such related things require a lot of heat and electricity, not to mention the absolutely disastrous chemicals that flow down the sinks into the water bodies once you wash them off. There are eco-friendly colors, devices using less current, natural conditioners and softeners to make your beautiful hair healthier and more natural. They are definitely easier on the environment, not to mention being cheaper and better for your hair and scalp too.


Most people aspire to have shiny hair, owing to the magazines and television advertising beautiful women with sun-kissed hair. They, of course, have extremely qualified stylists and whoopingly priced products to their rescue, which we may not. Also, most of their products are chemically enhanced, which may not be such a great idea in the long run, for both you and your environment. However, we have the one thing that can probably help us through- the ingredients! With the help of these, you can create any sort of a mask or conditioning product, which can make your hair just as amazing, that too naturally. Eating right- that is, food stuff with vitamin E especially will help you out, since that is the wonder vitamin that can do magic for your hair. Eating leafy veggies, nuts, wheat germ and other such products can really make your hair glow. Lemon, honey, eggs and beer are also organic wonders for the hair texture.  Boiling flax seeds in water is also an amazing hair gel, which not many know about. Aloe Vera juice, which can be consumed both internally as well as applied externally is great for your locks. Also, they don’t come in plastic bottles and loaded with chemicals, which is an obvious one-up as an eco-conscious citizen. These tips will not only help you through bad hair days and leave you with a sheet of shiny hair, you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve saved money- and playing a part in conserving your natural environment as well, even if in a small way!



Even if you are not able to find the time and patience to actually whip up these ingredients and apply them, since they are relatively more time consuming and required in greater quantities, you can always buy them from outside. Just a few handy tips to follow and you can still work towards saving the planet. Although green hair-care products are available in abundance nowadays, they do tend to be slightly steeper than the normal chemical ones- but only because they are healthier and more in demand, so going an extra half-mile to get there isn’t really much. Several companies market eco-friendly products under the brand of being organic or natural. If properly certified, these products are a better alternative to the conventional ones, although they may not be as great as home-made natural products, but are a strong second alternative, especially if you are short on time. Always use products that are against animal testing, because they are often guilty of animal cruelty, especially if they contain a harmful chemical or two.



There are also several hair colors and styling products that can boast of being environment-friendly. The colors have lesser chemicals with comparatively organic substitutes to their credit, whereas the devices can be ones that require a lower voltage and use up lesser current than the usual ones. Products containing PPD and ammonia spoil the natural balance of acidity in the environment, affecting several ecosystems in turn, not to mention causing irritation and allergies to you as well. Non-toxic hair dyes and such products are available quite easily nowadays, since they are in heavy demand due to the warning alert that has seeped into nearly every corner of the world. In fact, hair can be easily curled at home, with the help of rags and old fabric! Isn’t that amazing? It’s not hundreds of bucks to lovely curls any longer! One very important tip that most people know of, is brushing your hair at regular intervals every day. This helps the natural oil from your scalp reach the ends of your hair, keeping them moisturized all along.



All in all, the secret to finding a product that is actually suitable for your hair is just trial and error- and keep changing your potion from time to time. This will give you an insight into what ingredients really suit your hair type and make you aware of what and how much of it is to be used. Try experimenting with natural and organic products, because after all, these can be your ways of showing mother earth that you do care- even if it is in your own small way!


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