Music and Nature- the Wonderful Two

Earphones plugged into the ears. Your favorite play-list being played on the music player of your mobile phone. Walking to the college or traveling in the train, listening to music is hobby of many. Is it yours? Do you listen to music in the above manner?

This post intends to take you towards something new and something better. While trying to establish the relationship between music and nature, it will also talk about the effect of music on our health.

Boy! You might find many having such photographs on the internet. Yes, many do love music.
Boy! You might find many having such photographs on the internet. Yes, many do love music.

Listening to music has been a hobby for a long period of time, and continues to trend with advancements in science and technology. Scientists have been trying to study the effect of music on human health, and most of the research work done in the area says that music is very beneficial to our mind. One of its effects is that the type of music being played shapes the expressions of a similar kind, on a neutral face. Other than improving our neuro-muscular co-ordination, music has the power of soothing and healing the mind by eradicating the frustration accumulated in the mind. Another beneficial effect of music is that it diverts the attention of mind and significantly reduces the fatigue.

In fact, music acts as a source of relaxation and energy for many people. Whatever music we like, a few tracks of it and we are refreshed. Good music has the capacity to divert one’s mind, according to the type of music we are listening. Music also can affect our heart beat and blood pressure, depending on various aspects like volume, tempo or beats of the song, but the change is very normal and not extreme.

With our own choice of music, our behavior is shaped by the music we hear. With the passing time, the genres of music are increasing and changing according to the interest of the present generation. But never has music lost its value as a hobby, as a profession and as a field with infinite capacities for creativity.

Other than the conventional musical instruments, many musicians have tried to use some new and very basic products to create very different sound effects. Many of them have a direct relationship with the natural things and creatures.

Art of the soul

Interestingly, there have been studies which establish a relationship between music and the growth of plants. Although there are some positive results in various surveys in the growth when music is played near the plant, but due to lack of proper scientific reason, the above said relationship has not been validated. Some people say that the music played near the plants is pleasant to the ears of the care-taker of the plant, thus plant gets better care.

There is another aspect which can be looked at while trying to understand nature and music together, which is the sounds produced by the natural sources. The relaxation and enjoyment one attains while listening to various sounds of nature is immense. Let it be the sound of a falling spring or the early morning chirping of the birds, many sounds of nature have a medicative effect. This is one of the reason why Yoga is accompanied by the background music of natural sounds.

The sound of nature acts as a mode of relaxation for many. The rustling of the leaves or the rain drops thrashing on the ground or the sea waves on a beach. These unique sounds created by nature really act as sweet music for the ears. No doubt, the music we listen to all day, let it be Bollywood or Hollywood, or for that matter, any type of music is very pleasant to our ears, the music of nature is no less. Listening to nature is very good for health, because you need you get silent for it. You can not hear the music of nature anytime. There are moments of peace, when no one is awake, where no one is present. And you breathe in, keep mum and enjoy the faintest of the sounds created near you.

The present city rush has constructed a wall between nature and man, which is a danger for both. One needs to spend some time with nature. This little time will not drag you to financial loss, but will be very good for your mind and body. You will feel connected to nature. You will feel lighter, free from millions of tensions that gherao you. It does not demand more than a few moments from you, and what you get in return is peace and tranquility.

Take your violin or a guitar. Sit under a tree. Start the play.
Take your violin or a guitar. Sit under a tree. Start the play.

Charles Baudelaire writes in his poem ‘MUSIC’,

“Music doth uplift me like a sea

Towards my planet pale,

Then through dark fogs or heaven’s infinity

I left my wandering sail.”

Songs, playbacks, covers, all are great. The happier music you listen, more cheerful you are. Sad music, intense but soothing. Let nature play for you today, its drum of falling rain drops or its flute of koyal. Let stillness have a voice. Wonders are waiting for you, wonders in the stores of nature. In different forms, one of them being music. Savor it. Enjoy it. Listen to it 🙂


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