Necessary Human Habits that are harming Eco-friendly living

Humans are always in a constant battle to save planet earth, let alone improving and contributing towards its existence. Problems seem to arise from every nook and corner of the globe, natural disasters like earthquake, landslides, etc etc. Fixing the problem with a definite solution goes a long way in helping, but the fact that we humans form 90% of the problem needs to be accepted first. It is a fact.

Human beings play their part massively in contributing towards the earth’s downfall. It is just some of the age-old habits of ours that we are too stubborn to shred that is consuming the sacredness of this beautiful planet. Here are some of the habits that we need to profess, but in limited ways,  that is adversely threatening our existence.

Fishing too much

Over fishing along West Africa coast : The Afrika Super Trawler near Maurirania

Demand all across the world for seafood is always on the rise and fishermen are in constant demand for more and more produce. With modern technology present these days, the men at sea are quite able to catch a humongous amount of fish that is not jut enough for everybody, but is more than enough as a matter of fact. Humans tend to “over-fish”, thus damaging the sea communities that are not given enough time to replenish their existence. Fish is purely commercial an the greed to get as much fish as possible is not only driven by the motive to serve the growing demand, it is also driven by the potential buckets of money ready to fill the coffers of the fishing folk. All this happens at the expense of sea-life.

Constructing dams

constructing dams

Humans have resorted to building large number of dams to use the power of running water to produce energy that we can make good use of. However, while damns are being erected for practical purposes, it leaves the land crying out loud for help. Dams are often the cause for loose soil that causes land-slides and more importantly, earthquakes. Community displacement is a major issues as well. Take for example the building of the Sardar Sarovar damn in India that threatened to displace a large number of people from their homes. Where is the green living if too many dams are only going to affect us?



An over-growing population stems arising demand for buildings, land and many other products from trees. Hence, huge forests of land are being taken down at an alarming rate. While deforestation to an extent is acceptable, since humans have basic needs, care should be taken to make sure that trees are once again planted and the beauty of the planet is maintained. However, humans have the dirty habit of taking down trees fast that growing them  thanks to a commercial greed. In India, about 45% of the land is affected because of deforestation that becomes are major cause for landslides during the monsoons.

Global Warming


Humans don’t exactly practice global warming, quite obviously, but they over-do in their activities that only stimulate global warming on earth. Increasing levels of carbon dioxide are constantly putting the natural resources of the planet under threat of extinction. About 85% percent of the greenhouse gases that are trapped i the earth’s atmosphere due to global warming is made up of carbon dioxide that is harming the green society that we live in. However, such problems can be controlled if efforts are made to keep control on carbon levels. This could be through recycling, growing more trees, using less hot water, and depending less on fossil fuels thatcould pave the way for a greener living.

Improper farming

improper farming

Improper farming techniques and bad planning is contributing only problems to the earth. Again, the problem arises with the need to satisfy the demands of an over-growing population. Farming is important and can be done in the rights ways. However, much of those ways are neglected as chemicals used for growing produce finds this way to rivers and water reservoirs that increasingly harm the water.

Too many people!

Too many people!

Growing as one human race goes a long way in helping our existence. However, family planning more often than not isn’t given proper attention and we continue to grow in numbers at an alarming rate and soon enough there will be huge pressure on the natural resources of the earth to feed for the growing number of people. Humans have plenty of demands that only increase with the growth in population and thus, our demand for say technologies, food, cars etc, only affect the earth indirectly.

Human beings need to practice some of their age old habits if they have to survive on earth. Deforestation gives us resources like paper, land for housing people etc. Fishing and farming gives us fish and vegetation that we need to consume. However, controlled implementation of such habits and techniques is important in today’s day and age so as to prolong the existence of the human race and at the same time protect the integrity of mother-earth. A sustainable way of living is the best way to a greener life.


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