The Eco-friendly route to a green career!

With the world so focused on getting good levels of education and qualifications so that one’s career is fully and properly settled, ever paused to wonder how a career option could not just benefit you and your family but the environment in the smallest of ways? From white-collared jobs to green-collared jobs, there are indeed several career options that take the green route, that aim at a more Eco-friendly nature. There exists many profound an unique eco-friendly careers, you better believe it!

Much of these career types are prominently growing in the USA as you read and the country has taken up green-living and eco-friendly activities seriously. Here are some of the ways you can make a career for yourself in keeping with the good health of the earth.

Recycling professional:

recycling professionals

There is big business in recycling activities, especially in the United Stats of America. Many environmentalists have resorted to recycling paper, clothing and other sustainable materials that not only help the earth in thriving but also create jobs for many others. In 2012, the US recorded over 50% of recycled newspaper through which may recycling professionals made big money along with keep the earth protected. Paper recycled is a row of trees saved.

Green Business Consultants: 

green business consultants

Big businesses are always driven by the motive of gaining profit and while they constantly look for ways to increase business, they also keep in mind that they don’t expand at the expense of the environment. Green Business Consultants simply have the requisite business knowledge and are often hired by companies for solutions in environmentally safe business activities.

Gardening specialist:

gardening specialists

By being a gardening specialist, you not only help people furnish their front lawns and backyards with green nature but you also ensure that more and more plants are being grown to account for a healthy environment. Garden specialists provide advice and suggestions on how houses and offices could make do with plants and greenery. Garden specialists make for a fine career these days, especially with huge amount of housing properties being sold in today’s commercial world.

Wildlife analyst:

wildlife analysts

If your passion lies in taking care of wildlife, collecting research and data on them and for their reserves, then the job of a wildlife analyst could be yours for the taking. Much of these jobs are created in Africa, home to most of earth’s wildlife preserves. On the job, you can come in close contact with the lions, tigers, giraffes of the jungle regions and learn and understand how they adapt and look for ways to make their environment better. Protecting wildlife is a major aim from such kind of jobs and thus our planet benefits.

Organic Farmer:

organic farmers

Job opportunities have been created largely in Canada in the eco-friendly field of organic farming and is now being given severe attention in most parts of the world, including India. Organic farming is a method of farming that is not done at the expense of earth’s safety. Methods are taken that will preserve the environment apart from producing extensive yield. Organic farmers, apart from feeding to the demands of a massive population, undertake agriculture in the cleanest of ways. In Canada, this profession is given massive importance,with the government providing living quarters to organic farmers along with basic requirements for organic farming.


Renewable Energy Consultant:

renewable energy consultants

Demand for renewable sources of energy are on the rise given that energy sources like fossils, coal and petroleum aren’t going to last forever. Wind, water and solar power are increasingly being used these days. However, the manner in which we use these renewable sources of energy also need to be monitored. And hence there viable career option of a Renewable Energy Consultant who is likely to be a person with in-depth knowledge on renewable sources and with ways to counter problems with solutions regarding the same. Efficient use of such sources of energy is important apart from just using them.

Green Investment Consultant:

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There are plenty of companies in today’s world that are constantly looking out for ways to help and improve the environment. These companies, like any other company, deals in the stock market and sells it’s shares to gain money from eco-friendly investors. A Green Investment Consultant has adequate knowledge in areas of finance including how the stock market works and specializes in environmentally focused organisations. People who are looking to invest in eco-shares of a company that is looking at ways to replenish the earth’s resources can approach a Green Investment Consultant before doing so.

Urban Planners:

urban planners

Congested urban cities are deep into activities that harm the natural environment. Urban planners specialize in helping cities minimize the damages caused to the environment through transportation, development and waste and provide environmental-driven solutions for the same. Major cities in India, like Delhi and Mumbai could well do with Urban Planners given their prompt contribution towards the decline of the environment.


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