One Solution to Many Problems: Nature Answers

nature's infinite beauty

The increasing complexity of our modern lives demands a deep need within for simplifying, slowing down and reconnecting with the natural world. We are so busy with our work that we ignore small things that have a great impact on us. Our fore-fathers were committed to a natural way of living. Everything they consumed or used was organic be it vegetable, fruits, medicine, beauty product fresh from farms. It gave them intangible connection to the earth and the changing season which most of us haven’t experienced.
All problems and one solution – Nature. Be it our health or our family’s or our pets or beauty products or home care time nature has a treasure trove of recipes to make feel good about themselves and creating a perfect natural lifestyle devoid of any form of chemicals present in products that we use. These recipes also present an idea of how humans and nature can live in harmony.

In today’s world every individual suffers from some or the other problem be it body ache, fever, head- ache or any other kind of disease. All these are borne out of the increasing technological advancement and its consequences- pollution. Nature’s remedies give a healing hand to all our problems.
1. Headaches are a result of anxiety, nervous tension, poor posture, eyestrain or rigid muscles in shoulders or neck. Some natural remedies are-
• Herbal tea with ginger decreases production of pain- causing chemicals in body.
• To ease tension massaging with a few drops of lavender oil helps decrease headache.
• Spicy food increases the flow of blood and loosen the mucus secretion relieving congestion that causes sinus.
2. Chronic stress impairs the functioning of adrenal gland which leads to a weakened immune system and degenerative disease. To fight with anxiety and stress the following remedies can be adopted-
• Slowing down breathing in a rhythmic pattern gives our body and mind the message to relax.
• Lavender, ylang ylang and sandalwood essential oils make a soothing bath which helps to ease physical and emotional tension.
3. Many people turn to antidepressants at the time of depression.
• Plenty of fresh air help one sleep restfully and help us in time of depression.
• A brisk walk of 45 minutes help produce endorphins which are natural mood elevating elements.
4. Engaging a great deal of time in reading. computer or television builds eye-strain. To prevent oneself from eye- strain trying something simple as looking out of the window for a few minutes every hour can be helpful.
5. For sore- throat gargling with hot water mixed with salt relieves the pain.
6. During cough, saffron added in lukewarm water and a pinch of salt for two to three days is very effective.

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Beauty doesn’t come from a bottle or jar – it comes from within. There is no substitute for perfect glowing skin than nature.
1. Following are the nutrients for healthy skin.
• Vitamin A helps rebuild tissue and reduces excess production of oils in body. Foods such as yellow and orange fruits and vegetables and green leafy vegetables are rich sources of Vitamin A.
• Vitamin C is an immune booster that helps in production of collagen. Citrus fruits, red and green peppers and broccoli are rich in Vitamin C.
2. Dark circles are sign of sleep deprivation. For your skin to look its best, seven to eight hours of sleep is a must.
3. Rose- water along with sandalwood is a perfect blend of reducing skin tone as it removes the skin impurities.
4. Papaya and aloe- Vera are very effective in cleansing the skin and make it glow.
5. Oats, almonds, peppermint and lavender make a perfect herbal scrub that unclog pores and smoothen the skin texture.
6. Vitamin E along with tea tree and lavender oil helps soothe and heal dry, chapped lips.

nature's beauty

Homes today are often tightly sealed to be more efficient, but in the process natural ventilation is hindered allowing pollutants and toxins to accumulate.
1. To reduce the entry of unwanted chemicals into the house the following guidelines can help to create a healthy and natural home.
• To reduce pollutants from accumulating inside the house, open windows to let fresh air circulate, 15 minutes both in the morning and evening.
• Household plants purify air and help in reduction of outside pollutants.
• Lavender and grapefruit essential oils make a light refreshing air freshener.
2. The most efficient way to wash green leafy vegetables is by immersing them in large pot. The leaves would float on the surface and the dirt would sink at the bottom.
3. Toxic chemicals are not needed to get rid of houseflies, cockroach, flies or nice. Here are some natural tips to get rid of them –
• Cockroaches do not the like the scent of eucalyptus or rosemary essential oils. Placing a few drops of these oil in cotton balls in necessary areas does the trick.
• Dried peppermint and borax help to deter ants.
• Orange, lemon and cloves mixed together and placed in open bowls drives flies away.

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For most of us, our pets are valued family members. They provide companionship, joy and unconditional love. Natural remedies are a safe and easy way to treat minor health problems that our pets encounter.
1. Adding a bit of raw meat to Dog’s diet improves the diet. Also Dog’s benefit from eating garlic because it helps fight bacteria.
2. To keep your cat’s teeth strong and healthy give it some raw chicken on a couple of times a week. During illness provide it a small cozy place to sleep and a quiet and peaceful environment.
3. Take out your dog for 45- minute walk and at least play with your cat for 30 minutes everyday in order to keep then fit and healthy.
4. In case of limping or strain apply some ice pack on the injured muscle for 15 minutes.

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These are the bounties of our environment which we over look in our busy lives. And using them can help us in many ways and save us from the deadly chemicals which have become an integral part of very product today. Going the olden way is the golden way and the best one.


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