Organic Clothing: The Next Big Thing

We finally are a little ahead of the time that saw massive destruction and abuse of the nature. This is just the beginning of the phrase where people will actually go ahead and stand against anything which is harmful to the environment. However, this is happening less in concern and more in desperation. It’s the call of the hour that we are rejecting everything inorganic. This is because, nature alone isn’t being affected from our actions but we ourselves are targeting us unintentionally. We have toxic materials all around us that is not only damaging the world outside our body but that inside it too. From CNG, to eco friendly computers and mobile phones to even herbal shampoos, everything is going green. It somehow seems to be the new trend. And when we are talking about trends, clothing seems to surpass everything else. Synthetic clothing that has ruled the markets for many years now seem to have a diluted effect. People are becoming increasingly conscious of their skin and its health. And with that comes the awareness of what is best for it.

Synthetic clothes have a very harmful effect on the skin. It does not allow the skin to breathe thus leading to increased perspiration. This further leads to breeding of germs on our skin inviting problems like acne and skin rashes. In short, people can actually end up playing a much bigger cost for the artificial look-good luster of the synthetic clothes. Organic clothes on the other hand win all the brownie points for their endless benefits. Of course the biggest of them being their excellent courtesy to our skin. It not only allows our skin to breathe but also have a natural softness and comfort. In fact they are a gift for people with chemical sensitivities. All organic clothes manufacturers have to process the clothes without any sort of chemicals to maintain organic certification. And since there are no toxic chemicals, carcinogens and toxic gases used, it is not only good for the consumers but for those who make it too. Yes, we might not realize it but the toxic materials used for the production of the synthetic fiber are exceptionally harmful to the workers. The toxics make the factory environment polluted and thus responsible for a lot of breathing diseases that the factory workers get exposed to. Beside this, these chemicals because used directly without much safety are very dangerous to the workers. They might not only lead to permanent damage to any of their body parts but can also be life threatening. Now that the world is becoming strikingly aware and is recognizing the value of individual human rights, we have seen a fall in the use of these toxic chemicals in the factories in some of the countries. This has automatically led to a rise in organic clothing across the globe. And it continues to rise by many folds each year.

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Now let us not be so selfish and talk only about the benefits of humans and only humans. What about the environment? Any added benefit to the nature too? Yes, of course!  We have all read in school that synthetic fiber takes a lot of time to decompose. Ever tried to apply that in real life? We tend to ignore this fact that the synthetic clothes we are so keen on putting on has a terrible environmental consequence.  These fibers take a lot of years to decompose. They might even take hundreds of years to break down. Bad no? We have to wear it for a longer period of time where we just could have bought a new dress!  Apart from that we also need to know that most of these synthetic clothes are mostly formed from the fossil fuels, therefore further adding the burden on the already fragile condition of our environment. On the other hand, the crops of the fiber from which the organic clothes are absolutely free of agrochemicals. There are strict rules that the producers must comply to, that is no use of pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals to grow these crops. Even the use of these chemicals in the production of the conventional cotton is looked upon as harmful because these chemicals may go directly in the users’ bloodstream, which constantly affects the body’s organs and tissues. This is also good as there is no draining of these chemicals in the water bodies. In fact, a survey has found out that every organic cotton T-shirt saves 1/3 of a pound of toxic chemicals from land, rivers, oceans and air. One pain of jeans (organic of course) saves ¾  of a pound. Therefore, use of organic clothes is a win-win for all.

What more? Organic clothes are easier to iron! Yeah.. actually synthetic and other conventional inorganic natural clothes are a lot more difficult to maintain. Also, organic fiber is the perfect material to make clothes for children. It is easier on skin and healthier on body. It absorbs moisture and keeps one dry. It is the perfect cloth for all the seasons. What else can one ask for? Is it economical? Well, the answer might not be very appealing right now but work is being done to reduce the cost of making of the organic fiber. Soon it will be available in prices cheaper than the normal widely used synthetic clothes. And then it is going to change the idea of dressing all together, because life is not only about living but living healthy and stylish!

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