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The process of changing waste materials into new products to prevent wastage of potentially useful materials, reduce consumption of fresh materials, save energy, reduce pollution of all forms ( air pollution, water pollution) and lower greenhouse emission is called recycling. Recycling has emerged has a modern method of waste reduction and management in the present scenario. It falls after “REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE” of the waste hierarchy.


REDUCE is a process where people have to think how to prevent thrash and household waste from ending up in the garbage bins which is buried in a landfill and never seen again. To reduce means to prevent trash in the first place. Buying disposables such as paper products, straws can avoid buying of new products all the time. Disposables do not harm human health and environment. And also by using non- toxic products the amount of trash landing up in the landfills will decrease.
REUSE is using something again. It is impractical to buy new clothes everyday or new crockery everyday. By taking care of items and regular maintenance increases the life of the product. For instance , applying grease on a bike chain or taking proper care of our clothes are examples of reuse. It also includes fixing a broken game or object or sewing a torn piece of cloth. The main benefit of reuse is that it helps save a lot of money by making purchase last longer and helps in creating less trash. Reuse is also a creative process as it brings out new ideas such as crafting a treasure box from a carton or a greeting card using CD, etc.
RECYCLE involves making a new product from old materials using collection, processing and selling processes. Some products are made from 100% recyclable content like cereal box

From Automobile waste (auto fluids, car batteries, tyres) to Construction waste (carpet, shingles, bricks, rods ) ; Electronics ( CDs, cell phones, computer parts, cartridges, batteries ) to Garden waste (animal and leaf litter, hay, flowers, fruits ); Household waste ( glass, paints, metals, medicines, cooking oil, furniture ) to Paper waste ( books, magazines, cards, cardboard, paper cups, newspaper ) and various kinds of plastic waste can be recycled. We must also be grateful to the kabadiwala’s of our cities and town who help us in this recycling process. They take our old scrap newspapers, books, plastic, metals and in return give us money for all the unwanted scrap. They take in unwanted waste and sell it to the recycling companies where new items are generated.

Recycling produces a fresh supply of the same material. But it is very rare for a recycled product to be exactly the same as the parent product. When paper is recycled the product which is the recycled paper contains ink residues, has shorter fibres and appears yellow in colour.


Recycling process is very important for a number of reasons. Firstly it helps in reducing the amount of natural resources that are used for production of every new product. This would in turn lessen mining and extraction of resources which would be beneficial to wildlife and protect their habitats. Recycling conserves energy and thus reduces carbon footprint, helping the environment. Recycling is the only way through which to prevent waste ending up in the landfill and polluting the earth. It also prevents air pollution while forbidding the amount of garbage accompanied by landfill proliferation. It helps in keeping a check on the amount of waste generated. Recycling process requires less energy than required to manufacture a sister brand new product. One recycled plastic bottle can help save energy to provide energy to a 60 watt light bulb for 3 hours. It is also energy efficient. The cost of manufacturing a new can is same as that of 20 recycled cans. That’s a big difference. Such is the efficiency of recycling process.
From the economic point of view, recycling is the main source of income for companies who recycle their goods and re-sell them in the market. It also reduces the Government budget by saving millions of dollars which would otherwise be used in paying for landfill space. And economists say that recycling helps generate three times more revenue than landfill disposal. Recycling also helps in job creating by providing employment to a number of people. On a whole recycling a Earth- friendly process that does betterment to the society and no harm.

Recycling works best if everyone contributes his or her share. Environmental problems have become so complex that individuals feel that they cannot make any difference. We feel that Global Warming, Climate Change and various other issues relating to the environment are out of control and it is solely the duty of the Government to tackle them. But there are a few things that are in our control. Recycling activity can made a huge difference and help in curbing the problems arising from various environment problems.
Recycling makes a difference,
It is the right thing to do.



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