Have More Plants Around: Lead a Better Life

On my last summer getaway trip to Maldives, I was left speechless. Just as I entered my hotel, I could feel a wave of fresh air rushing through my nose. The feeling was breathtaking. It was providing instant serenity to the mind but more than that it fascinated me to find more about its existence. Intriguingly I took my first step into the hotel lobby and was dazzled to see a huge place all covered and strikingly decorated to the best with the effective use of flowers and small plants. The different coloured plants were used to the best of their ability to create a out of the world look.

On opening my sea-facing suite I was more than happy to have realised that my room too was decorated in a similar manner. The aura of the room was enchanting, it pleased my mind and soul. It had a much deeper effect on me and I instantly knew that my decision of choosing to come to Maldives hadn`t gone wrong.

When I was back from my calm and beautiful vacation to Delhi, I found myself missing the peaceful and fresh vibe in the atmosphere. It was then that I decided to replicate that ambience in my own apartment.

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The result was of course, just as amazing – my happy face.


Colourful ambience

When we adopt a lifestyle which has plants all around us, in our very own apartment, it gives out a unique and vibrant outlook. Plants can change the entire look of your household. With a lot of green plants at your place you may never feel the need for a vacation again. Having different types of flowers at your apartment you may never want to go out for a day out. Such is the beauty of nature.

Varied color schemes can be created by effective use of plants to make a place look elegant yet distinct.

When we aim to redesign our place with the use of different plants and flowers we are breathing in a new life into the apartment. Well, even literally as plants are living things.

Plants have the uncanny ability to make a simple place stand out. Use of green plants can make your place look really eco-friendly where as the use of roses and lilies can show your inner sentimental side as a lovelorn emotional person.

Flowers can also be used to create a striking colour combination all over the place to make it look classy yet simple. Plants are the cheap substitutes for costly paintings and master pieces these days.

Get the look of royalty but just adding a touch of nature in your living room. Simple, right?

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 Pure air

After a long day of turmoil and having our skin spoiled by the scorching sun and damaging pollution, won`t you feel great to come back to a place which is completely the opposite of the outside situation?  You don`t have to head out to a super green park or a breezy mountain to get that feeling now. You can have it right under your roof, in your apartment.

Living in a cosmopolitan city has its own set of peeves. You barely get to breathe fresh air which is free from dusty components. It`s become a task on its own to get good air.

As all of us know that plants are the oxygen givers, having plants in your apartment can help make your place a little airy. Plants make the place breezy and finally you get some fresh air which is relaxing and good for health. They also purify the air in the home thus enabling the residents to breath in fresh and pure air at all the times. Inhaling pure air keeps the body healthy and rejuvenates the human mind.

Even the NASA uses plants on the International Space Station to help fixing the air quality.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

This might sound stupid, but did you know, that there are various dwarf trees?
Dwarf trees are basically small sized versions of the original huge tress. There are various dwarf trees avaiable in the market like banana trees, apple trees, lemon trees and a lot more. Isn`t it amazing to get home grown food which is fresh and free from any harmful chemicals anytime you want?

This would not only take care of your health and keep you away from various health problems but these dwarf trees are sure to make your house look stunning. Mini trees will also be a topic of great interest when you proudly hold a party and be the flaunting host.

This also helps you bring you more to the table. Whenever you are too lazy to go out for you grocery shopping, fret not, you have your very own trees to rely on. Don`t want to cook today? That`s okay. Pluck out a fruit and your dinner is done.

Once you start living a green life like this one, you will get addicted to it.

Keeping plants in your house is not at all a bad idea. Think over it. You have your own holiday destination with you all the time. You will have pure air and fresh food under your roof.

With just some botanical maintenance you can alter your lifestyle and lead a healthier life by going green.



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