Safety Rules for Electronic Devices

Electronic devices surround us nowdays like bees around a hive. Its true that life in the urban areas is dominantly dependent on machines, and the spread of these fancy and modern machines is also seen in rural and remote regions these days.
We spend a big sum of money to purchase the electronic products as per our needs, also keeping the quality of the product in mind. But the deal is not over with just the purchase, to keep the device running in proper condition, we need to take care of the device, because even though tough on the outside, all electronic circuits are quiet fragile.
Imagine a day without electronics. That would mean no cell phones, no computers, no tablets, no music players- nothing. Life as we know, would backtrack practically into stonehenge times. Thankfully,


the field of electronics is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, it’s constantly churning new devices for our use and convenience. To make our electronic gadgets last long, here are some tips on how to take care of them.

Handle Safely!

1. One of the most important things in protecting your device is keeping it away from unpleasant threats. Keep it away from pets, little siblings, and water/food.

2.     Thoroughly wipe down your devices at least once a week or two. Dust, dirt, and grime can build up around the casing of our cell phones, laptops, and players. And if you do not wipe them off, they can make their way inside the device through the seams and shorten the working lifespan. Cleaners or solutions especially sold for electronic devices are recommended rather than opting for a normal cleaning cloth and water. And always use a soft piece of cloth while cleaning.

3.     Protectors for every type of electronic device are available easily nowdays, in various sizes. Get screen shields and protective casings for your gadgets. This will keep them safe from scratches and chipping. It will also keep them safe from shock and impact in case you accidentally drop them,although to a little amount. Moreover, keep food and drinks away from your electronic stuff.

4.Keep your electronic devices away from extreme heat and cold. Room temperature is ideal for electronic gadgets,sSo avoid placing them near air conditioners and heaters. Moisture can build up inside the device and cause it to heat up. Apart from that, moisture inside the device will help in better sticking and accumulation of dirt in the inner part of the device, and reduce its efficiency drastically.

5.     The “software” part is equally essential for an electronic device. All electronic devices contain a microprocessor, which contains a pre – installed software to operate the device. This software requires timely updation and maintenance to work in the desired way. For example, computers will run smoother if the state of their operating system is properly maintained. There are tools and software that run diagnostics and solve problems. Maintaining the software of electronic gadgets will definitely save you from spending on repairs and servicing.

6.     Keeping our phones, computers, and other electronic devices in good condition will not only save us money but it will also keep our environment safe. Electronic devices contain lead, phosphors, and other substances that can leak into the soil and cause health problems. So, in case you have to let go of your electronic stuff, dispose of them properly.


Maintenance is a Must

Apart from taking care of the device, one must maintain an electronic item properly. Proper maintenance ensures that your product life will be longer, and  your product will function smoothly, even if you use it after a long time.

  1. Your device, when not in use, should be properly cleaned and packed in a cardboard box, after being wrapped inside paper or poly – bubble wrap. The packing will protect the device from moisture and dust, so that it does not malfunction when you take it out next time. Bubble wraps provide physical property.
  2. It is advisable that you keep the original packing container of  your device, so that if you have to store it, or during home shift, it can be safely packed in its standard packing.
  3. If you feel your device is too robust for you to clean it, take it to the official service retailer for servicing. Its better to pay a little for its cleaning, rather than spoiling the entire system by cleaning yourself.
  4. Electronics devices such as high – end mobiles, iPods, tablets, etc consist of very delicate circuitry, so they should be encased in rubber – made covers, which provides physical resistance if you drop them down by mistake.
  5. External wires for power supply must be clean and not withered. This will protect the user from electric shocks, and also the device from circuit breakdown.
  6. Adapters used for devices must be checked for voltage and current rating, which might differ from country to country, in case your product has been shipped from other nation.

So, when we look at the above guidelines, we think that its too easy. Yes, indeed it is easy, but often we ignore the easier tasks, which can make us pay later. So its better to take the easier path rather than regretting later. Give your device a little maintenance, and it will entertain you for longer!


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