Say NO to chemical herbicides : Switch to the organic way!

With the increasing pollution and contamination of the surroundings, we very well know that using chemicals and pesticides in our garden can be terribly harmful. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers are any day easier to keep the pests and weeds away, but this can do some real hardcore damage to your garden as well as yourself but you wouldn’t be aware of it. Weeds that pop out in unwelcomed places in your garden are surely a turn off especially if you are a garden-maintaining maniac. A chemical herbicide as you may call it, can be surely poisonous and not really safe too.

There are several organic herbicides that are now replacing the pesticides and can be one of the best alternatives for any sort of chemicals.
If you do not wish to harm your garden anymore, here is a new strategy where organic herbicides can be easily manipulated to bring out the best in your garden.

1) Scalding water:

An easy homemade weed-remover:
If you have some hot steaming water in your kitchen that may otherwise serve no purpose, then you can pour them on these weeds. These weeds eventually die out of the heat and do not turn up quickly.

2) Use vinegar:

I’m sure you won’t miss this out in your kitchen. Now you can use it to eliminate weeds in your garden as well.  Used extensively for salad dressing, this liquid can even face-off weeds bravely and kill them. If the weeds in your garden are too small, then this is one of the best solutions. But, if the weeds have sprouted into stronger plants, then you need to kill them with much stronger vinegar that would be easily available in the market. Also, vinegar is very harmful and kills your produce too. So, just be aware of where you’re spraying it, else you might have all your plants unfortunately damaged.

use vinegar to kill weeds

3) Suffocate the weeds strategically:

you can kill the weeds by a simple way of just smothering them. Use sufficient mulch such as decaying leaves etc to suffocate these plants so that they are killed eventually.

4) Weed it out with your hands:

This is the easiest of them all. You just can pull out the small sprouted weeds with your bare hands and smack! – They all come out easily. But, if the weeds are stronger, you may just need some more effort to do that.


5) Use soapy water to kill them:

The chemicals that are present in a detergent are what everybody is aware of. Pour this detergent water on the weeds in your garden. This will destroy the weeds and prevent them from growing again in your garden.

6) Organic herbicides to the rescue:

If none of these methods work well, then you can use organic herbicides to kill them all. There are a number of organic herbicides that are readily available in the market. Go and fetch them. Once you get a hold on these herbicides you will see your weeds rapidly diminishing. You just need to be careful to not sprinkle them over your prized plants as well. They work well by destroying the waxy cuticle of the plant and show immediate results.

vinegar kills weeds

These were some of the ways to kill the weeds so that they do not spring up again. But, even though you kill these, it is quite natural that you will find more in the future .So, you just need to keep a bottle of your own organic herbicide handy so that you won’t have any emergency running- around-in-the-house to do at the last minute when you see some acute damage done by some wanton weeds.
Here’s a way how:
For the mixture of herbicide, you will need sufficient amount of white vinegar, one tablespoon of dish wash and nearly 15 drops of clove oil, cinnamon oil and citrus oil. Mix all these contents thoroughly to get a mixture of herbicide that is ready to attack the notorious weeds. Now this solution needs to be sprayed carefully on the weeds, lest you destroy your plants too. You first need to protect your other prized garden plants so that you particularly do no harm to them. You can keep an eye on the weeds for the next couple of days and see how they die out quickly. But, the saddening part  is that you need to do this often as the weeds come regularly in your garden. Anyway, with this handy solution, you’re sure to kill them all quickly.
The best way to keep these herbicides on the weeds for a longer time is by spraying when there is no rain. If it is the rainy season we are talking about, then this may not be an intelligent way to kill the weeds. You can always use organic herbicides in that case as they do the work much quicker.

Now, you know what to do when you see those creepy weeds showing up in your garden.Absolutely avoid the use of chemicals in your garden and embrace a greener-living.You just need to pull on your thinking caps and come out with quick witty techniques of organic herbicides to stop those weeds from hindering the healthy growth of your most prized possessions –the plants, in the green-est way possible!


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