Summertime Sadness

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Okay it has been around for some time now but with the scorching heat, burning temperature and boiling skin, summer is finally here. As I declare its advent, you must be already cursing the weather and making peace with every other person advising you on how to beat the heat. Clothing: the light colored cotton ones. Shoes: slippers, please. Drink: Juice, period. Food: salad with loads of greens. And yes lots of water. But then are we still being able to beat the heat? The answer is negative and so is our expression. With all of us who love winter to bits and cannot wait to wear those statement jackets and occasionally, coats which India is too hot for and yet we end up with at least 2 in our wardrobe. Yeah, the white ecstasy is over. I can speak for myself and my fellow Indians when I say that we have this affinity with winter because we are allowed to live the cold for such a short period of time, we almost end up looking forward to it. So let us discuss few of the primary conditions that accompany summer and its daunting heat.

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First is obviously your skin on fire. Every time you step out in the sun, with or without SPF protection, you feel like your skin is burning. It is hard with an umbrella and without any protection, even harder. If you are not too used to carrying an umbrella, I suggest you wear a cap. A sunglass is a must and please do protect your eyes. Some people bear the brunt of dry skin even in summer and they go through a range of ordeals. The products that apply to us are not good for them and again the people with sensitive skin have their own story. Imagine the condition of workers who work in the garden or open areas under direct heat, where the part of your skin which is exposed to the sunlight burns. And their job profile demands that.

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Dehydration is another major issue which happens when more body fluids are going out of your body than what you are taking in. Because of constant sweating in the summer, dehydration poses a threat. About 75 percent of your body is made up of water and you need to fight it out in summer to maintain the levels, so drink lots of water. You see now 8 glasses of water is a myth but approximately try to maintain 2.5 litres if you are a man and 2 litres if you are a woman.

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Summer also brings to you the risk of skin cancer as millions of people are exposed to the harmful UV rays from the sun. So try to stay out of direct sun light as much as possible, at least when the sun is shining bright and fiery above your head, screaming ‘I am happy. I am happy.’ Pause and remember, it is summertime and you have very few reasons to be happy except for the flowing dresses and trendy carry it all bags.

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The UV rays disaster continues and for all you know, it is going to damage all that it can lay its hands on, so your eyes too are not safe. In fact there are cases of skin cancer around the eyes along with cataract damage, growths in your eyes, causing snow blindness and also sunburn of the eyes.

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Again you have to take care of the food intake in summer with rich food being extremely capable of sending you for frequent bathroom visits and not to mention the painful stomach cramps. You do not even have the liberty to leave the food out in summer as it is sure to get spoiled in this temperature. If you even suspect having food poisoning, immediately look towards water to bless you in such a traumatic condition and drink loads of water.

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After all those agony, itching alone is a separate issue as you deal with this constant irritation which can drive you mad. The primary causes of itching are bug bites and dry skin. Now I wish I could blame the insects and little innocent beings in the garden that crawl out of their safe holes because the heat must be driving them mad too. Do not wish them bad, it is their planet too, just be aware and be safe. But rashes are a common thing during summer and sometimes it can get really bad. It may start with an itch but ends with you making frequent journeys to the doc’s chamber. So if you have a little red spot irritating you, you might want to take care of that immediate.

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Body odour is one of the headaches of this climate and only those people who deal with this on a day to day basis will realize what I am talking about. The solution is obviously taking bath at least twice, using powder, deodorant when stepping out and yeah perfume for decorated occasions when you really do not want that smell to spoil things for you. Now lastly, avoid dark color clothes and choose loads of light clothing and you are good to go. Please do not avoid your fruits and veggies!


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