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  • Bio Fuels – Are they really an alternative for fossil fuels?

    Bio Fuels – Are they really an alternative for fossil fuels?

    In present times, when everyone is concerned over depleting reserves of much valued “petrol” and “diesel”, or simply to say over fossil fuels, a lot of attention is being paid to a category of alternative fuels called biofuel. Everywhere biofuels are being discussed as an alternative to the other fossil fuels like coal, natural gas…

  • The Green Revolution

    The Green Revolution

    The origination of the term Green Revolution is attributed to an American scientist, Norman Borlaug . He was indulged in a research in the 1940’s to produce high-yield varieties of wheat that could provide resistance to diseases. In the year 1960, Mexico became an exporter of wheat. Consequently, the green revolution technologies were encouraged in…

  • Protect forests = save the globe

    Protect forests = save the globe

    Human beings strangling all over the world to fulfill socio-economic wants, in this tiff between man and nature; Humans caused atrocities to the natural habitat and found himself every time on the side of loss. Loss of natural habitat has always left its everlasting effect on the growth and development of mankind. The balance between…