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  • No Spectacles, No Contact Lenses, No Lasik!

    No Spectacles, No Contact Lenses, No Lasik!

    The world is a beautiful place to live in. Colourful, beauty at every step, wonders happening at each stage and we the people are the performers on the stage. The performers need to make sure about a perfect stage. A perfect stage would come into being, only when the artists or spectators have a clear…

  • Laptops-Are they really LAP-tops?

    Laptops-Are they really LAP-tops?

    Ironically, the laptops available to us are not supposed to be used kept on the lap. Yes! The device using which you’re reading the blog, is it safe? Are only the mobile phones radiating EMFs harmful? The answers to all these questions will be dealt in this crisp and short piece of writing discussing the…