No Spectacles, No Contact Lenses, No Lasik!

The world is a beautiful place to live in. Colourful, beauty at every step, wonders happening at each stage and we the people are the performers on the stage. The performers need to make sure about a perfect stage. A perfect stage would come into being, only when the artists or spectators have a clear vision. God has blessed most of us with those two inbuilt magical projectors, our eyes. And we, the blesses ones are so busy running from pole to pole in search of money, trapped in the cobwebs of life and work that we miss out on the most precious gift, our sight and we end up having vision or common eye problems like presbyopia, floaters, dry eyes, myopia, cataract, glaucoma, retinal disorders, conjunctivitis, etc.

There are several eye problems that are more common among people as they age, although they can affect anyone at any age. Most of the eyes problems are associated with headaches, reddening of eyes, low tear formation and thus drying up of eyes, low focus on either nearby or far objects, itching, twitching and most severely with complete loss of vision.
People in their forties and fifties tend to lose vision; the lenses of the eyes become hard and the ability to focus becomes worse. Causes are generally aging, perhaps hereditary. Menopause can also be the prime reason in case of ladies and can thus experience farsightedness too. Various other reasons are dietary issues, poor nutrition and drug side effects contributing to the aging phenomenon.
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With the massive surge and competition in every field there are increased number of people facing eye problems with each day passing from corporate in charges, the self employed honchos, the hep while classy executives the masters of the school and now even kids and students. All day long people are sitting in their respective corners with their gizmos in hand, thus refraining themselves from nature walks, jogs, sleep, exercise and continually straining their eyes. Since the number of people facing eye problems increase, the market for spectacles, contact lenses and laser treatments keeps flourishing. Be it an educated master or a business tycoon, the primary solutions striking everyone’s mind are spectacles, contact lenses, and laser eye treatments.

Spectacles are definitely advantageous but have serious health drawbacks. The glasses have the advantage of checking visual defects immediately yet pose problems for the user and disturb while you wear them. They cause bruises on nose and would even make your eyes look like a winter bed, swollen, lost all its spontaneity and activity to a large extent. Glasses are uncomfortable in respect of viewing the visual field only to a small extent. Thus, demanding the head to turn, instead of the eyes. This leads to neck and shoulder pain and poor posture.
Spectacles are also associated to solid waste produce. Since a large number of people who cannot afford a laser treatment used spectacles and thus the steel, plastic and glass are used extensively which are finally moved to trash.

The contact lenses have the advantage of giving pure comfort similar to a naturally corrected lens, no physical barrier between the eyes and the object, complete view of the whole vision field. But! Lenses require excellent care. They need to be worn and taken off time to time. That is a tiring job! what is more serious , that the contact lenses irritates and while scratching we might scratch the cornea which is never renewed by our body in the course of a life. These scratches add up and create a gloomy vision at night and a view of glistening unpleasant light.

Sleeping with contact lenses on...
Sleeping with contact lenses on…

Thus contact lenses should be avoided to avoid severe eye infections, if mishandled.

LASIK is a technique called laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. It entails cutting a superficial flap in the cornea, doing a laser reshaping of the underlying cornea, and then replacing the flap. This thus allows rapid stabilisation of vision and good correction of vision defects like myopia.
BUT!! This laser technique involves the cutting and reshaping of the most sensitive part of the human body-EYE! The risk with the surgery is the procedure alone. The risk factors of this procedure are inflammation and infection, bulging of the cornea (called ectasia) and even permanent vision loss. Moreover, there are other dangers allied to the LASIK:
 Contrast sensitivity decreases.

 Halos might appear around lights

 Severe dry eyes (you might need eye drops for the rest of your life)

And finally one more long term disadvantage of the laser treatment is that 10 years or so, you need to get back to the conventional spectacles or contact lenses.

Since we have been provided by these visionary gadgets by god, let us find the solution to their defects in nature.
• The best remedy or precaution to be taken is go for an early morning walk, look at the green world, breath fresh, and just keep watching the wonders of the world.
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Walk barefoot on fresh, misty, green grass and even high myopic defects would be corrected. This is the foremost habit adopted by people believing in naturopathy.
• Use plenty of light to read and work. Do not refrain yourself from sleeping and don’t keep straining your eyes when tired. Simply relax for a few minutes, look at distant objects. Wash your eyes and close for a few minutes.
• Eye exercises are the best answer to the eye defects.
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Simply work with your eyes as if those of an expressive dancer and you are done!!
• Take proper diet with all the necessary nutrients.
• Avoid using contact lenses as contacts deprive eyes of oxygen.
• Avoid eye make up to a large extent since cosmetics containing chemicals usually enter our eyes due to rubbing or smudging.


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