Tag: Man-animal conflict

  • Ecotourism: Good or Bad?

    Ecotourism: Good or Bad?

    No city lights, only the moonlight, the fireflies and the jungle calls to keep you company in your tent in a forest camp. Like that idea, don’t you? If you are one of those wilderness loving types, then most of your holidays revolve around being in commune with the environment, in jungles and mountain trails.…

  • Man-made Man-eaters

    Man-made Man-eaters

    Within minutes, it was all over for the leopardess. She had fought valiantly but claws and canines do not match up to bullets and rifles. Earlier, a tranquilizer shotgun had been tried but to no avail. The leopardess died just like her two previous counterparts had. It was rather sad to be sure. Such brilliant…