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  • Action Plan: Project Citizen

    Action Plan: Project Citizen

    Environmental education, Awareness and training plays a significant role in encouraging and enhancing people’s participation in activities aimed at conservation, protection and management of the environment, essential for achieving sustainable development. The Ministry, therefore, accords priority for the promotion of non-formal environmental education and creation of awareness among all sections of the society through diverse…

  • Nuclear energy a boon!

    Nuclear energy a boon!

    We have been well acquainted with various eco friendly sources of energy for instances, solar energy, wind energy, geothermal, etc we are have certain kind of perception for them. And likewise we have also a perception for Nuclear Energy; there are a number of alternative sources of energy and environmentally friendly fuels available to combat…

  • Bio-fuels and the future world

    Bio-fuels and the future world

    We all have heard about bio-fuels but what exactly are they? Bio-fuels are fuels utilized in their liquid form which are derived from materials such as waste plant and animal matter. Nowadays, the popularity of bio-fuels is increasing tremendously. The reason which can be attributed to this significant increase in popularity is the rise in…