Ten ways to turn your home Eco-friendly

Eco friendly furnishings have become so popular nowadays that it is ostensibly considered to be classic, elegant and absolutely admirable. You can now conserve the natural resources by just sitting in the comforts of your home. From little floor rugs to expensive and plush appliances, everything has reached for an Eco-friendly touch. Organic and natural products are what that have gained immense popularity and demand over the years.
If you want even your home to radiate these environmental-friendly ideas, then here are a few tips to do the same:

1) Eco-friendly organic cotton products:

The regularly used conventional cotton has its own drawbacks. The production of cotton requires a number of chemicals in the process. Hence, organic cotton has gained admiration from a number of conscious-consumers. Organic cotton is extensively used in a number of products like clothing, toys and also towels. Also, there are many home furnishings made up of organic cotton like organic cotton bedding and mattresses.

2) Use Bamboo!

It is a natural, Eco-friendly source that is used commonly in furniture and other products, as it is abundantly available since it is a quite fast-growing plant. It can be also used in the keyboards of computers and not to miss, the culinary too!

3) Energy-saving windows:

energy saving window
In order to save energy that is largely spent for heating and cooling purposes, the windows with low-emissivity glazings are used. Moreover, recyclable products are used for vinyl, wood and even glass .Also, double glazed PVC-U windows are used which are much more energy-efficient when compared to double glazed aluminum windows.

4) Water heaters without tanks:

tankless water heater
It is said to be 50% more efficient that the conventional water heaters. There is no need of a tanker for the storage of water. There are heat exchangers where the water gets heated every time the water is let into it. Therefore the need of using a tank is eliminated and they also reduce the stand-by losses that are normally incurred due to the water storage in the conventional heaters.This would be worthwhile when you’re the kind of person who uses hot water rarely and not on a quotidian basis.

5) Appliances that are meant for water-saving:

water saving
Energy-star rated appliances are generally used for energy saving and water-saving purposes. For example energy rated dishwashers and also washing machines, showers, toilets. Always use the appliances like washing machines and dishwashers when on full load to curb the unnecessary wastage or loss of water.

6) Use recycled products wherever possible!
Rubber and polymer roofing can be used to reduce weight and also the maintenance required for the same. Some companies even blend the recycled glass with the concrete to manufacture products that can be used for a number of purpose like shower surrounds, floors and also countertops.

• Recycled plastic products:


we all agree that plastics are hazardous and the main reason for havoc. Hence, the usage of plastic needs to be reduced. But, what about the products that are already used and stand idle or ready to be a part of the vast landfills? No, we won’t let that happen. In order to curb the rising heaps of landfills, the already used plastic products are recycled time and again until they no longer stand worthy of recycling. This is one of the best ways to stop the future production of plastic from raw materials. Moreover, recycled plastic can be used in a number of furnishings too.
• Recycled cardboard:

recycled cardboard

Paper production has indeed created a havoc in everyday situations .Recycling cardboard is the best way to reduce the unwanted wastage of paper and to prevent landfills too. Recycled cardboard can be used in a wide range of products like chairs, recycled furniture, sheets and also pendant lamps etc.
• Recycled glass:

recycled glass

Same like plastic, recycled glass will reduce the energy that is required when compared to the glass that is produced from raw, materials. The material glass is very safe for everyday use and does not contain harmful chemicals like plastic. Moreover, it is impermeable and can be used to store food too. It can be used in fiberglass, bricks, tiles and flooring.
7) Install photovoltaic panels:

photovoltaic panels

This mainly uses solar energy which is the cleanest form of energy and abundantly available . Using solar energy can help you qualify for a rebate too. Typically the photovoltaic panels are placed in arrays on the rooftops or on walls.Thus, you can considerably reduce the wastage of enrgy and also inspire others to do the same as well.

8) Jute products:


This is one of the most Eco-friendly materials that is used in home furnishings. This is biodegradable and also recyclable. It has several environmental benefits too. It is used in making mats, chair coverings, curtains and also area rugs. Moreover, jute is available in the markets at tenable prices which adds to its attractive features.So, you know what to buy, the next time you go shopping for rugs,doormats or the like.

9) Use hemp!

This is a material that is similar to jute and is recyclable and biodegradable as well. It is a sustainable Eco friendly source and is used extensively in rugs, ropes .This is also used in oil-based paints, textiles, canvas etc.There are even hemp hammocks available that you can have outside your homes to take that siesta when you feel like.

10) Use Cork:


It is basically a buoyant material and it is because of this buoyancy and elasticity, it is normally used as wine-stoppers. But, its use is not restricted to only wine-bottle but also used for home remodeling purposes. Nowadays, even floor and wall tiles made up of cork are available. Granules of cork are also mixed together with concrete and thus the composites of cement obtained when mixed with cork granules is said to have lower thermal conductivity,

These are the top ten ways you can transform your house into an Eco-friendly dwelling. But, embracing these environmentally-friendly choices, you can easily cut down your electricity bills and also give your home an awe-inspiring elegant finish.


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