Top Methods to Reduce Landfills

We use a lot of products in our daily life and most of them go as a waste. These wastes either go under the soil or into the landfills. Either of these methods can cause damage to our Planet and to the living organisms. People do not realize the fact that our earth is getting damaged by these kinds of wastes and it does not stop here, even people and other creatures living on this planet are being indirectly affected by the activities of human being. The Government is taking a lot of measures to stop these activities, but nothing is going in the right path. Landfill waste causes a lot of problems which includes economical and environmental problems and also these waste decompose very slowly, which will compel the authorities to fetch more land to dump waste in future. We are helpless in the case of present waste material, but we certainly can reduce the waste that is going to be dumped in the future. It is not that difficult to prevent these activities. It’s just that easy to reduce the waste being dumped in the landfills.


Let’s see some of them,

Contribute Clothes

Most of the waste that is filled in the landfills is clothes. We are just tired of wearing old clothes again and again and as the trend changes new fashioned wardrobe are introduced. So, throwing the old clothes is not a good idea. Give them to someone who needs it or donate your old clothes to an orphanage. You can even collect all the old clothes from your community and visit an orphanage to give the clothes to those poor people living there. There is saying “another man’s trash is someone else’s pleasure”.


Reduction in Food Waste

Food comes second in the list. We people are greedy and want more and more without knowing what our limit is. Each year a large percentage of food is being tossed up as waste. Instead of throwing the food into the garbage, we can donate the waste food to the needy. If people start practicing this, then a large amount of people will be fed.

Purchase Things with Minimum Packages

Plastics pose a great threat to our planet and the landfills also contain some amount of plastic substances. These plastics take a lot of time to decompose and so they stay in the landfills and then later combine with the soil. They cannot be burned as they release harmful gases into the atmosphere. So, whenever you buy a thing, try buying with green bags or take a bag with you. Don’t buy things wrapped in plastics materials.

Say ‘No’ to Plastic Bottles

People use a lot of plastic water bottles every day and then just throw them away along with the waste. As mentioned above, these bottles take a long time to decompose and so their impact on this Planet is for sure. Try not being one of those people who use plastic water bottles. Try switching to reusable water bottles so that you can save money and also you can contribute to the betterment of our planet.

plastic bottles

Buy what you really Need

The present trend is ‘Show-off’. People want to show that they have new clothes, car, bike, jewels and so on. Why do you want to be a show-off? Have control in your buying. Purchase items only for your necessity. This will not only save you money but will also help our planet recover from the hazardous impact it is facing right now. Reevaluate your priorities. Also keep an eye on the items you throw away.


Everything has its own value and nothing can be considered as a waste unless it is. Don’t just throw away item thinking that it cannot be used anymore. Recycling can be done on any product and it can be used again. You can recycle paper, cans, metal, plastic, cups and lot more. In Urban areas, recycling station can be found in plenty. Try visiting recycling stations more than the landfills.

Try espousing Recycled Products

Try going for recycled products rather than new products, this will keep the environment clean and green. Alert your community about the danger our earth is facing because of the landfills and also encourage them to go for recycled products. By this way you can reduce the landfills.



Composting is a natural method of breaking down dead plants and foods. This turns into a nutrient rich food which will help your plants grow better. Composting helps you recycle your wastes and then reduce the amount of waste that is being sent to the landfills. Also, it is a wonderful natural method to give the plants the necessary nutrient content.

Go For Rechargeable Batteries 

Batteries cause a lot of impact to our planet and also to our wallet. They contain chemicals which, when leak out of the batteries can prove to be very harmful to the environment. You can go for rechargeable batteries, which will reduce the risk of impact. These rechargeable batteries have long life and will also help us to keep the disposed batteries away from the landfills.

Clean smarter

We want our surroundings to be clean and why not do it in natural means. Instead of buying acids and other artificial cleaning agents, go for natural methods such as vinegar and water. You can also use baking soda to clean your clothes. This will not only keep your clothes clean but will also prolong the life of the clothes. Let’s stop the plastic and glass bottle waste that is thrown away after the use.


We have seen some of the methods that can be practiced easily to stop the landfills being piled up. Human Beings are the main contributors of waste and we have to keep in mind that, we are not the only one with life. There are lot more creatures on this planet and because of our doings even they are being affected. Let’s plan for the betterment of the planet rather than worse. Go Green! Save Earth!


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