5 simple ways to acquire good health-The ‘green’ way !

Improving your health along with the health of the planet is what ‘green health’ collectively deals with. It is equally necessary to think about the environment and also focus on our health by using the techniques that do not harm the environment. We all know that prevention is always better than cure. When you embrace the natural techniques to improve good health, you can transform yourself and the world into a greener and a better place.

1) Walking/Cycling:

There is nothing better than setting out on foot if it is a small distance we are talking about. If at all you choose to travel for a longer distance, then you can always try cycling all the way. It gives you good health, the natural way and keeps you healthy as well as fit. You even also be bestowed with well toned legs and a healthy mind. This is a natural exercising technique which does not require any electricity or any fitness device. Also, this reduces the amount of fuel or emissions that are released in the process of traveling. With no amount of chemicals or greenhouse gases releasing into the environment, you can keep your body healthy and also the environment.

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2) Eat the right food:

Locally grown food must be given a priority when you go out shopping for veggies. Do not buy  food containing an excess of pesticides or chemicals sprayed on them. The fruits or vegetable that look the most attractive are the ones that you need to necessarily avoid. Moreover, always eat food considering a balanced diet. Do not buy food that is available in plastic cans because their disposal might be a tough choice. Moreover, the food that comes in tin cans have another advantage as well. The tin cans can be thereafter used for several other purposes by reusing them. Also, if you are a lover of sea food, then make sure the fishes that you consume do not have a whole lot of chemicals lurking inside them. This is because there are several of the species of fishes that have been severely polluted due to the pollutants in the oceans and seas. The toxic chemicals that might have been consumed by these fishes may eventually enter your food because of this process called as food-chain. So, be careful whenever you take in any food and also double-check that you are safe.

3) Consume clean water:

These days the water that is available is generally heavily laden with toxic chemicals. This is why we need to be always aware of the water we consume. Heavy metals like lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium found in water may immensely affect your endocrine system and nervous system. Do not hesitate anytime to make the right choices in the water you choose to drink. Always get your water tested for chemicals and contaminants especially if you’re drinking from a particular water source for the first time. This will keep you safe from any chemicals entering your body.

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4) Save electricity and protect your health:

These days the addictive technology, available readily at our disposal, like the cell phones, television sets and computers are the ones that affect massively on our health. These also, as we all know, waste a lot of electricity. Therefore, use them at a limited and a controlled way. Do not overuse them. Excessive usage of these devices may affect your eyesight or even your nervous system. Therefore go early to bed and wake up early in the morning. There is nothing that can be better to your body than this habit followed on a quotidian basis. It is also said that people who are more involved in such activities with no proper exercises are often overweight. Therefore avoid being a couch potato and indulge yourselves in outdoor activities and regular exercises .It will keep you healthy and active every day. Moreover, practicing such techniques will also save a lot of electricity/energy as well.

5) Maintain a well organized house:

The first place that you always see when you wake up in the morning is your house. Keep it spruced up always and do not make it look like an awful junkyard. The way you keep your home can define you as a person and also affect your health. Avoid buying body care products like soaps, personal care products that have a lot of fragrance because these are the ones that can do a lot of harm to your body. Also, if possible buy toothpastes that do not contain a lot of fluoride. The excessive amount of fluoride in your toothpaste can severely pollute the water and then the environment. Also, avoid the hand washes that have Triclosan which claim to be anti-bacterial. These Triclosan hand washes can pollute the environment and destroy the aquatic organisms when it comes in contact with the water bodies. Triclosan is an extremely toxic chemical that can affect human beings as well. So, you need to be careful and absolutely avoid such products.


These are the five simple ways how you can attain good health-the green way , with absolutely no amount of chemicals involved. All you have to do is follow these little green-living steps and see a healthy life coming your way!


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