6 Eco-friendly cookwares : Make that perfect stir today!

Eco-friendly techniques have stirred the concerns of several chefs and the efficient techniques for healthy cooking are what that are needed in the kitchens of the modern day. The Eco-friendly cookwares have been very popular just because they have ceramic coatings and not Teflon. Teflon coating is said to be not good for cooking since it sticks to the food at higher temperatures of cooking. Whereas, ceramic coating is very stable even at higher temperatures of cooking. They don’t release fumes or any other toxins and  hence are suitable for cooking.

Eco-friendly cookwares have been fabricated by several brands and also been used around the globe for their esteemed environmental -friendly features that are highly recommended. Here are a few best examples for this:
1) Bialetti Aeternum:

This is one such Eco-friendly cookware brand that mainly deals with the cookware that is absolutely free from PFOA, PTFE and also cadmium. There is also an easy-cleaning uniform surface that is provided to each of these cookware items. The specialty of this cookware line is that they are not prone to any scratches or stains in the process of cooking. Also, the inner coating is made of ceramic that also blends with titanium and suspended silicate in its micro-particle form. This line of cookware is not suitable to be used on induction cook tops but can be efficiently used on electric, gas and ceramic stoves. The base of these cookware items have superior conduction property that enhances the cooking process and also has scratch-resistant silicone that can be used efficiently at higher temperatures. But the best way to keep these utensils clean is by manual hand-washing to prevent any scratch on the surface and to enable it be used for a longer term.

bialetti_AeternumRed_eco-freindly cookware
2) Professional pans from Scanpan:

This is an entirely professional line of cookware that also deals with utensils having titanium coating of ceramic which is free from PFOA and PFOS .It also deals mainly with grill pans, steel lids, fry pans, Dutch ovens, sauce pans and sauce pots. But, cooking at a very high temperature might be extremely harmful to this cookware line and Scanpan recommends cooking at a lower temperature. This line of cookware can be used on induction cook tops or halogen stoves unlike the Bialetti Aeternum. Also, it can be used on electric, gas and ceramic stoves as well. This indeed is a professional line suitable for professional cooking purposes.

3) Enamel cast iron from Le Creuset:

The porcelain enamel is a non-sticky surface unlike the traditional Teflon coating which is not really suitable at high temperatures. Also, enamel cast irons have a feature of uniform heat distribution which makes it suitable for cooking at high temperatures.  There is also another set of cookwares by this brand which is namely Lux French Le Creuset skillets that presumably turn better after prolonged cooking. They are also said to improve with time and also develop a ‘natural patina’ when you use them continually. These are indeed perfect for all cooking purposes.

LeCreuset_eco friednly cookware
4) Non-stick pans from Ecolution:

These are all non-stick pans that do not contain any PFOA. Also, the aluminum bottom pans are the best for uniform heat distribution and also perfect for use in dish-washers. These non-stick pans are just perfect for your everyday needs in the kitchen since they can be bought individually too, unlike the other brands which come as a set of several utensils at once and are not sold individually.

5) Original Greenpan:

The specialty of this cooking line is that they are absolutely perfect for use at extremely high temperatures of 850 degree F. Also, they don’t have problems of blistering, peeling and the emission of any toxic fumes and are also non-sticky unlike the traditional Teflon. They are also perfect for use at any temperature ranging from low, medium to high (of about 850 degree F). This cooking line is perfect for use when considering the feature of energy-efficiency in the process of cooking. These pans are also free from lead and cadmium. The best feature of this line of cookware is that it uses upcycled aluminum for the cookware bodies and upcycled stainless steel for the fabrication of the handles of these utensils. The life span of these pans can be prolonged just by adopting simple everyday manual work techniques like hand washing and by storing them separately.

Original-Greenpan-_eco friendly cookware
6) Green Gourmet cookware from Cusinart’s :

The ceramic coating that is used on these utensils has absolutely non-stick technology and is also free from PTFE(polytetrafluoroethylene) and PFOA (perfluorooctanoic) acid . Also, another prominent feature of this cookware line is that they are anodized for the purpose of better heat conductivity at higher temperatures. Also, it is fabricated from 100% recycled materials and even the packaging is made up of wholly recycled materials. The printing is done preferably in soy ink to keep the entire packaging Eco-friendly. Moreover, this cookware is safe for use up to temperatures of 500 degree F. The cleaning of these cookware items is recommended to be done by hand and not by using dish-washers in order to enhance the life span.

cuisinart_eco friednly cookware

These six cookware items are indeed very useful when it comes to protecting the environment and also your health. Most of these are made up of recycled materials and that’s how they can be termed to be environment-friendly. So, the next time you go searching for cookware items, grab any of these and then get ready to make that perfect stir in your ‘green’ kitchen!


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