6 ways to teach your kids to ‘Go-green’

Today’s children are said to be the citizens of tomorrow. So, it is necessary that these children be taught sufficient environmental education without which the future of our planet would unfortunately be at stake. It is necessary for the kids to know the ways to practice green living and also inculcate this in their lives so that they are aware of the environmental effects of the various activities and also strive to do their bit in saving the environment. Children are never too young to know these facts. If they are acquainted about these things from the start they will grow up to be better,environment-concerned citizens of the country.

kids-going green
Here are few ways how you can acquaint kids about the same:
1) Teach them to minimize the use of water:

The most important way to save water is while brushing. It is generally everybody’s habit to keep the faucet running when brushing. Also, let them know about how much water might get wasted in this careless act. They will then remember it throughout their life and would not to waste as much water thereafter. If they don’t listen, you need to tell them repeatedly and sternly- till they do not repeat the same mistake again.

save water
2) Reduce, reuse, and recycle:

Though we are completely aware of this mantra, the children also need to be aware. Teach the kids as to how the things needs to be used on a limited basis and also reused when they turn old. Tell them how recycling works and the plastic products need to be used rarely so that the environment is protected. Also, teach them the little ways of reusing things. Like,the old jam jar can be used to store several things or even the old tin-cans can be used for several purposes. Also, the old magazines can be shared among friends and relatives. Keep separate dustbins to dispose plastic, paper and organic wastes and also let your kids do the same. When this turns into a daily routine, they will surely not forget to repeat it thereafter.

reduce reuse recylce
3) Go Cycling/Walking:

Children normally do not prefer walking, these days and hence the parents drive them to their school. But, this is a bad habit especially if driving is on a quotidian basis. Instead, if the school is located somewhere closer, the kids can go cycling and there wouldn’t be any kid who wouldn’t love doing that. So, encourage them to do so or otherwise even walking is a very good habit. It will keep them fit, healthy and also effervescent. If the school is far way, then carpooling is the best way for transportation. One of you among your neighbors can help to drive all the kids to school one day and the next day another of you can drive. This way, every parent will get turns to drive the kids to school and  the fuel gets saved considerably since only a single vehicle is used. This is the best method to drive kids to school rather than each parent taking them individually. Taking the public transport is also another way to save fuel.

cycling -kids
4) Eco-friendly toys:

It is quite natural for the kids to love toys. So, when you gift your children with toys make sure that they are Eco-friendly. There are several Eco-friendly toys available in the market that are non-toxic and also biodegradable as well. Avoid giving plastic toys to kids as they are harmful and also toxic. Teach your children about why Eco-friendly toys need to be used and also the impacts on the environment when toxic non-biodegradable materials are disposed in the environment. Nowadays, you will find a huge variety of toys made from wood, cork, bamboo or any such bio-degradable materials that are absolutely Eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly toys HERO
5) Save electricity:

This is the best age to teach your kids the ways to save electricity which then grows into an everyday habit. Every time they leave the room, ask them to switch off the lights. Whether it is about going to the bathroom or any other room, ask them to turn off the lights when they do not need them anymore. This way they will learn to save electricity and they will also teach the same to their friends as well. Also, let them know that playing video games and computer games will drain a lot of energy and make your electricity bill rise too. Ask them to go outside and play instead. It will not only make them active and energetic it also will enable them to build their stamina level. While, being indoors and playing video games can spoil their eyesight as well. Also, they can inculcate the habit of reading books which will save electricity especially since the usage of television sets and computers will be considerably reduced then.


save electricty
6) Save paper:

Kids normally have the habit of wasting a lot of paper by tearing pages and throwing around. Acquaint them about what happens when paper is wasted unnecessarily and how difficult it is to produce paper and how many trees are cut in the process. Tell them to save paper and use it for writing purposes and also, not to tear pages and throw around. If the children are still adamant about wasting paper, then you can buy recycled books for them instead.


Though it may be a tender age to learn the ways of saving electricity and also using Eco-friendly ideas in their everyday life, but on the long run they will surely not regret learning it and it will be useful to them in their life. They will not forget to turn off the lights when not in use or to save water substantially; moreover, they will even teach others to do the same and will help spread the green-awareness.


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