Houseplants : The natural air-fresheners !

Whether it is about decorating the indoors of your home with beautiful plants that lift up your spirits or about maintaining a scintillating composure in your home, houseplants are said to bring in just about the decorum you fancy, in its greenest attire. Houseplants have always said to enrich the ambiance of your home and set up an atmosphere that is very pleasurable and soothing. They have been grown indoors whether it is in homes, offices or even restaurants. They do give a splurge of peacefulness in your home but at the same time are very important in cheering oneself up, physically and mentally.

The benefits of houseplants though may seem very trivial or unlikely to impact much on the environment, they do have lasting effects and are secretly said to possess features that can transform the atmosphere of your home and make it more beautiful and healthy .
Some of the benefits of these plants when grown indoors are:
1) Purified air:

The plants do have a natural feature to purify the air wherever they are grown. When grown indoors, they provide a soothing atmosphere and fresh air to breathe in. According to NASA research, it is said that the indoor plants remove about 87 percent of the volatile organic compounds that linger in a house due to paints, varnishes etc. VOC’s are normally found in high contents in confined places and they are mainly a blend of xylene, toluene and benzene. These places can be purified easily by growing indoor plants; especially places like your stale attic can be freshened just by growing a few plants. The VOC’s that are found in the atmosphere are grabbed by the plants and infused into the soil, where they are converted into food for the plants growth. Thus, the presence of VOC’s provides nourishment to the plants and we are freed from these toxic chemicals. The planets are also said to be helpful in eliminating the carbon dioxide content in the air.

2) Improves humidity in the air:

During the process of respiration, the plants give out oxygen and improve the moisture present in the air. Improving the moisture content in the atmosphere will help in keeping away the respiratory diseases as well. It also prevents common diseases like the common cold, dry skin and also sore throat.
3) Easier inhalation /breathing process:

The plants respire in a way that the carbon dioxide is absorbed and oxygen is given out. This can be termed helpful during daytime. But during the night, it is an entirely contradicting story. The photosynthesis process doesn’t happen and instead plants respire similarly like humans. This is why the bedrooms need to avoid plants which respire like humans during the night. The best plants that can be placed in bedrooms are orchids and succulents. These plants consume carbon dioxide and give out oxygen during the night and freshen the air inside the bedroom.
4) Keeps you healthy:

houseplants keep one healthy

These days the presence of plants in offices is encouraged because the growth of plants will prevent the people from severe health problems like headache, sore throat and also excessive fatigue. The office rooms are freshened and this helps the employees to work without exhaustion and improves everybody’s health. Another less known fact is that the presence of indoor plants in hospitals can help the patients to recover very fast. Furthermore, the atmosphere is freshened and revives the vigor in the patient’s body. This in turn makes the patient in less need of any medication and also stabilizes the heartbeat rate. Thus, the plants are more often grown in hospital rooms.


If you are now thinking of bring some indoor plants into your home, then here are a few plants that can be your best home mates:
1) English ivy:


This is generally used in lobbies of restaurants, hospitals etc. and it is the best way to improve decorum in waiting rooms especially in places like the dentistry. They are very resilient no matter what environment they are forced to grow. They look best when grown on hanging baskets and are the best way to freshen up the atmosphere in the rooms.
2) Boston ferns:


This is one of the commonly preferred indoor plants and one of the oldest as well. The most unique feature of this plant is that the plants droop downwards with growing age. No flowers grow on this plant yet it adds to the beauty of the place especially when kept at a heightened pedestal. It is said to add moisture and also improves humidity in the air. It also is one of the best ways to eliminate chemicals like formaldehyde in the air. But, these plants require equal attention too which is a must especially since it turns brown when left unattended.
3)Spathiphyllum :


This plant also is called as peace lily and it radiates a soothing ambiance because of its white flowers . The transpiration rate of this plant is exceptionally high and if you would wish to improve the humidity in the room, then this is the best way. It also removes any kind of air pollutants especially acetone, alcohols, formaldehyde, and benzene. They are excellent air purifiers and the most valuable houseplants.

houseplant in house

Houseplants are the best way to revive lost vigor as they surprisingly eliminate fatigue in one’s body. But the plants are to be chosen depending on their adaptability. You don’t want a plant to seek excessive attention of yours which eventually can make you exasperated and shun the idea of growing any more indoor plants. So, always buy plants that require minimum care and grow well, but, most of all have excellent air purifying features. Thus, houseplants indeed can give an overall scintillating atmosphere and provide a green, healthy touch to your homes !


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