9 basic steps to start living green

Let us start with a question, just see around you and analyse, is there anything natural or organic? Bitter truth, but we can hardly find anything untill we move to our kitchen maybe. Our busy-life-make-it-easy mind set does not leave us with many options to have a eco-friendly lifestyle. But then we can definately try, start from somewhere. So below are few stepping stones you can incorporate in your lifestyle and take a step forward towards making this world a better and greener place to live.

First thing first, check whatever you buy. Every product cover has content label and google is a handy buddy. Get your knowledge boosted with what you are applying on your dear self. You will be surprised to see use of sulphates in both your facewash and dishwash, is not facial skin different to cookware? Then how same compounds are used in their making? A simple alternative could be to blend all your left over vegetable or fruit skins with little milk into a fine paste and apply on your body before bath… Skin for skin sounds better match to harmful toxins right?
eco fresh

Next step would be to check your carbon print. To put it in simple way, whenever you throw anything in the bin, keep a watch. Can it be re-used? There are differnt types of materials in the waste that we contribute and mix in our garbage bin daily. Vegetable wastes can be dug down in our backyard garden to increase fertility of the soil, tin cans can be re used to make pen stands, brush holders etc., we can seperate plastics from our other wastes to help it recycle. The more you waste the more you are contributing to global pollution, choose wisely live well.

carbon foot

Make electronic network your best friend. It takes minimum of 10 trees to make one papper. Use e-mails for communication, think twice before you press the print option on your device, try printing on both sides of a page, ensure shredding box is present beside every printer in your office or areas nearby. Think about using recycled papper for rough works. Plan to incorporate the old good pencil in your papper writting as recycling a pencil ink papper is far more easier to chemical inks.
Eco Tree with environment symbols

How about having a plant as your new pet? Any nearby pottery store should be able to help you with getting a nice plant and a pot for it. With technology reaching sky high, growing plants in your house can be a real easy task plus added bonus of beauty it will add to your location. Bonsai trees, indoor short plants, shrubs, or even simple spice plants, well the options are so many. Get green, go green!

Below two, walking you go! How much dependent are we on our vehicle for travel? By incorporating simple changes in our lifestyle we can contribute a lot in saving the precious natural resource – petroleum. Prefer to take walk for smaller distances, it will give you a good health as well as contribute to eco system. Also, consider using public transport or options of pooling your car. Few small steps to change your travel habits can bring you more closer to green living.
save fuel

Check the swtich and turn it off! Our life seems incomplete without the magical electricity. From charging our phones, to enlighting the night, from life saving equipments to simple cooking microwave all run on this magic. But what if this magic disappears? As we very well know nothing is available unlimitedly. So how can we take a step towards power saving? Checking that all switches remain closed when not in use, switching to cfl bulbs, moving from standby to power off mode could be some contributors.

Do you know that human brain cannot resist noticing food? Also as the old saying goes, we are what we eat! So how about chucking down those toxic chemical filled, ready to eat food items and replacing them with something fresh? Well not to completely have a 180 degree shift in your diet, but incorporating few changes here and there – fresh juices to aerated drinks, instead of heavy chocolate desert try mild bowl of curd or fresh dates post meals( it is good for digestion too), serving nice fresh vegetable sauce with the same fried junk food, replacing canned food to fresh alternatives, and many more such options. Well just think about it! Definately you will get many more ideas. Eat fresh, stay fresh!

Clothing is the next thing that can bring you closer to green living. Does not mean switching color of your wadrob to green but by wearing cloths that are eco friendly and made with natural fibers. By a recent research survey 30% of river pollution is attributed to dye colors that are released from textile factories. Think about using natural fabrics like lenin, jute, cotton etc. it will not only make you look even more beautiful, but will also keep your body cool. Also keep a check on the dyes and chemicals that are used in your cloths. Asking questions is never wrong, infact it only makes you more aware.

green clothing

Finally, last step would be to take responsibility. Every individual in his or her own good way is continiously contributing to the environment. Donot litter, choose your products well, think about ways to re-using goods, contribute in saving perishable natural resources etc. Say if not from the environment perspective, it is of high importance to you as well. Analysing and increasing your awareness can contribute well towards a better and greener living.



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