Why Climatic Change Is a Concern?

Changing Climatic Conditions: Not all Change is good.

Changing Climatic Conditions arising primarily due to Global Warming has proven to be more than just a threat to our environment and us. We human beings are very much dependant on mother earth and all it has to offer. The air, water, trees, etc., in many ways provide us with our livelihood and acts as a necessity of our survival.

Climatic changes and global warming stand to be one of the greatest threats to our planet. Firstly, What is this climatic change and global warming? Climatic change refers to changes in the pattern of climates and weather over a long period of time. Global warming is the increase in the surface temperature of the earth arising due to the emission of harmful greenhouse gases (such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc.,) into the atmosphere.

Secondly, we often wonder what causes these climatic variations; it, in simple words is our negligence towards mother earth and her natural resources. We have over utilised her resources to not only satisfy our need but much more than our greed. Man has cut down several trees which have led to a drastic drop in rainfall in several areas, not to mention the impact that clogging and dumping in water bodies has caused. As we all know, only 1% of the earth’s surface contains fresh water which can be utilised for drinking purposes. If we continue to contaminate these water bodies, our source of survival would soon depreciate and it would not take long for our world to become extinct, as our very survival depends on water.

Cutting down of trees has already led to so many climatic variations and catastrophes, from landslides to depleting rainfall in several areas of the world. This has caused the temperature of the earth to rise far more than it should which we term as the Greenhouse Effect. This rise in Global temperatures has caused melting of ice caps at the Polar Regions.


The extra water that has begun to melt into these seas and oceans will cause the seas and oceans to flood due to excess water entering the water bodies; it will soon result in the submergence of coastal regions. As the world is beginning to become warmer and warmer by the fortnight it has resulted in great natural disasters.


Thirdly and most importantly, another question that arises in our mind is; does this affect us in any way and if it does, to what extent? Yes these climatic conditions have a huge impact on us, and to an extent greater than we can imagine, and further if decided to live in our ignorant world without a care for the world, it will not be far when the effect will be more than just devastating. Climatic changes give way for new diseases and health problems. It has already resulted in an increase in the number of people suffering from asthma and breathing problems.

This is majorly caused due to the mass cutting of trees throughout the world that is resulting in an increase in temperatures and drop in oxygen levels. Cutting of forests and trees has also led to a major drop in rainfall throughout the world. Though these effects may not sound as dangerous on paper, but their real impact can be devastating. The most important question that arises is that; what can be done? A little effort by every individual can improve conditions by a great extent. Development is a very important aspect for our growing economy but, Mother Nature also needs to grow.

If every person took the effort to plant trees, protect wildlife and preserve our natural resources and also prevent the cutting of trees and dumping of hazardous chemical wastes into water bodies, then we could with great amount of hope say that we may be able to save this planet for our future generations.

A lot of you may not be in agreement with me, but what we need  to do is put a little thought into this ‘If we don’t have an earth to live in, a planet to support life, then what use is globalization and development?’ For someone to be alive there must be sources available for him to survive and if we don’t have those sources then it would only lead to theExtinction of mankind. We have claimed to be the smartest creatures alive in this universe, but are we truly living up to the status we have given ourselves? I believe It is time to stop and think, Is development more important than the survival of our species and planet?

This planet is our home and without it there is no alternative source of survival. It is about time that we work towards protecting our mother earth and value all that it has to offer us. We must take responsibility for our actions that have caused this change and work towards a greener, cleaner and better future, a future that not only encircles us, but the endless generations that deserve to see and live on this beautiful miracle called Earth. So let’s all work towards creating a new world for our tomorrow.


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