Eco-friendly soaps : Non-toxic and 100% biodegradable

Did you know that every time you use soap, there are so many chemicals  moving towards landfills and causing a huge amount of destruction to the environment? These harmful chemicals ostensibly pose a grave threat to our Mother Nature. Moreover, there are many fragrances and sweet smelling chemicals that are infused in these recent soaps. Even though they  seem very appealing to human beings, the chemicals that are released when used have said to cause liver defects and birth defects in animals. Especially the labels on the soaps or hand wash that say ‘anti-bacterial’-these are the ones that do the major damage. These not only are the culprits of killing the bad bacteria but the good bacteria as well.

Moreover, these anti-bacterial soaps also cause a plethora of problems in human beings. Some of them being hormone problems, birth defects and also the immune system of one’s body are affected.
The Triclosan that is found in soaps was declared to be a pesticide and very harmful. It even is said to destroy a number of aquatic organisms.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed that Triclosan that was found in anti-bacterial soaps is an extremely toxic chemical.This Triclosan is also said to affect the thyroid hormones of a rat.

There are several other soaps that contain a high amount of chemicals such as crude oil derivatives, paraffin wax, ozokerite etc. Furthermore, there is also another substance that is found in soaps and it’s glycerin and is present in almost all of them. You wouldn’t know how much the soap actually does harm to your body unless you remove the glycerin out of the soap. It is the presence of this glycerin that moisturizes your skin without which your skin would have absolutely dried out with the prolonged usage of the soaps.

Why do you need to switch to Eco-friendly soaps?

Your health is way too important:

A huge number of synthetic chemicals that are largely present in the present day soap are said to be very harmful to one’s body. These synthetics in the form of fragrances though seem very attractive and appealing but they are doing no good to you. The Eco-friendly soaps on the contrast are extremely mild and can be used by people who are allergic to such chemicals. If you choose to do your own soap then you really shouldn’t be bothered about any chemicals because after all you’re making it and you know what you’re going to put in there! This is why making Eco-friendly homemade soaps is encouraged.
Safe for animals:

The antibacterial Triclosan is what that makes things difficult. It is very harmful when being exposed to the environment even if it is a very little amount. The aquatic life is largely affected and several species are in the verge of extinction due to this. That’s why you need to switch to the Eco-friendly soaps and protect the fragile aquatic life!

Safe for the environment:

The waste water contains a huge amount of chemicals when you wash with these soaps and they eventually end up in landfills or mix with water bodies, poison the animals and ultimately kill them.

It is for these reasons that we need to stop or minimize using these harmful soaps and use the ones that are environmental friendly and those that do not impact on our heath too.


Now, the production of Eco-friendly soaps is very easy and can be done at one’s own home. All you need is soybean oil, coconut oil, olive oil etc. and also a little amount of lye. You can learn the making of Eco-friendly soap from someone who claims an expertise. Even though this may seem hard at first, once you get to know it thoroughly you will surely be doing one of your own. Once you get the soap recipe, you can be all set to start your own little soap manufacturing at a small scale basis and also encourage others to use more of these Eco-friendly soaps.
Moreover, there are Castile soaps that are easily and readily available in the market. These Castile soaps are made entirely from plant oils and also are quite popular as they don’t contain any animal derivatives.
The benefits of Castile soaps are several:
1) Very useful and handy when it comes to people who suffer from eczema or even slight irritations and allergies of the skin.
2) It balances oil production in the skin and can magically prevent acne.
3) It is sad to be very mild on skin and hence can be used by infants as well.
4) They do not contain any amount of harmful chemicals and are very safe in the perspective of environment protection.


The benefits of these Eco-friendly soaps are plenty and hence we should definitely think twice when we go buy soaps the next time. This will surely bring about a pronounced change in our lives and we can consequently help build a better,safer and a cleaner environment.


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