Five Things that Make you Connected to Nature

What is the need to connect to nature? Why spend time staring at the sky when you have more important work to do like tweeting about what you ate today? Why would one bother to sit under the shade of the tree when there is an important file to be submitted?

The pace of the world is frightening. Not that the earth is moving too fast, but we have lost ourselves in our daily lives that we do not find time to enjoy the life. We are only existing, but not living. Stress and worries have supressed the little enjoyments of life. We might have a good life style, but most of us do not have a good life. And the various things mentioned in this article is for the most of us. Connecting to nature can be really beneficial to health and mind and helps to lead a stress free life. There are very simple ways in which one can connect to nature and enjoy its beauty and serenity. Here are the five things which can make you feel connected to nature.

  1. Start and end your day under the sky.

This is not about getting up at five and going to jog or physical exercises. You just need to wake up early, go to the terrace and breathe for five minutes. You just need to stare the sky and you will feel refreshed and connected to nature. I’m sure its orangish hue will attract you towards itself. The cool breeze of the morning, its stillness and its perfect peace is worth leaving your bed at five. Similar is the process to end the day. The time in the purple night, when the moon shines perfectly and the stars twinkle. These two times are those when the nature can be enjoyed at its best. Although the occasional rains are even better. Spread your arms, make a Bollywood pose and enjoy the rain.

Stills from the movie 'Jab We Met'
Stills from the movie ‘Jab We Met’.
  1. Make it sporty!

Video Games, Play Station, Facebook, Twitter… All of these are quite tempting and have caught the attention of many of us. But it is important to realize that the ‘Couch Potatoes’ get completely dissociated from the wonderful nature. What needed is a bit of sporty life. Take a bat, or a football, even a hockey and join the team in the ground. Be Nadal, or Messi, or even Tendulkar. The fun and pleasure waiting for you will be perfect. This time, do not play to win the game. Instead play to win happiness and enjoyment.

  1. Untravelled World!

Is travelling one of your hobbies? If not, make it one. Choose the summer break to travel to a hill station in Manali. Or this October, travel to a village in Rajasthan. Go taste the water of Ganga in Varanasi or the sun on beaches of Goa. Spend a night in the water boat, or a bird century. If you find it expensive, go to a village in Punjab or Haryana. The expanse of fields and the hard working farmers are really amazing. Travelling to different places makes one energetic. Life is refreshed and one gets to explore the views of nature which can not be done sitting in your couch. Nature has a lot in stores. The need is to explore it and enjoy. Moreover, you’ll get a perfect cover photo and profile photo for your facebook account ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. From Clicking to Shooting.

Generate some interests in hobbies, let it be photography or painting or sketching. Before this, you might be clicking your mouse again and again. It is the time to click some pictures. Such hobbies will make you move outside the four walls of your house and allow you to spend some time with nature. Moreover, your creativity gets a new hike. You will explore the connection between various creations of nature and will start loving it. Gradually, you can also develop interest in writing, which will make the connection deeper and better.

Have a camera and the nature will pose for you.
Have a camera and the nature will pose for you.
  1. Pick-Nick !

Is your son crying because you did not buy him a video game? Or did you forget to bring your daughter’s barbie doll? Let’s go to visit a park and eat ice-cream. Plan short and sudden trips with your family or friends. It might be picnic to the green lush park, boating in the lake or chai on the roadside with your partner. Take the whole family to the zoo and watch the wonder of nature. A dinner late night near India Gate. What else is life? But to enjoy the moments. Nature makes it more special ๐Ÿ™‚

There are many ways in which nature can be your physiotherapist or your psychiatrist. It is soothing, relaxing and tranquil. The requirement is to bring a break to the monotony of life, to walk out of the house, to have a long drive, to walk into the wide fields, stare into the sky, count the stars, have a pet or anything else. Nature does provide a lot of opportunities to have fun. Go grab them.


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