Fossil fuels: The depletion and prevention

The anaerobic decomposition of the dead organisms, be it the plants or animals, results in the formation of fossil fuels, deep inside the crust of the earth. They contain petroleum, natural gas and coal and need million of years to form.

fossil fuels
The growing demand for urbanization especially in underdeveloped and developing countries has resulted in a growing fear of fossil fuel extinction. The unnecessary wastage of energy by the reckless folks, intractable and adamant demeanor has indeed shaken our expectations of a better future. Our natural resources are now miserably dwindling and dying. We need to act now. There have been several campaigns regarding the correct usage of energy and to shun the unnecessary wastage of the same. It is a small planet. We need to do the best before it’s too late.

Along with the heavy declination of the fossil fuels, the country’s economy is also severely affected due to this loss.
China does have a large population. Even then, the Chinese government had said with respect to the Chinese future, that: ‘China would attain a state of development only when every Chinese family owns a car’. But if this really happens, then most of the world’s oil production would be sucked by China alone.
Moreover, with the rising fear of fossil fuels extinction, the price of all of them has inexplicably risen .This would affect us anyway. But a huge loss would be incurred by the countries that depend on the import of such fossil fuels alone.

What are the main causes of depletion of fossil fuels?
Human beings are the root cause of this. They exploit the natural resources for several purposes like:
1) For industrial purposes:
Car industries, transportation industries and also steel industries use fossil fuels to a greater extent and thus become causes of the fossil fuel-depletion.
2) Household purposes:
The electricity, heating that one uses in homes and offices has depleted the fossil fuels. Moreover, there have also been cases where people recklessly use electronic appliances and increase the standby usage too.

The impact that fossil fuel depletion has on our planet is massive. Here are some of the effects:
1) Transportation industries:

Transportation costs are exceedingly increased as a result to of the depletion process. Moreover, the affect on railway industries is also going to be way too much as the cost of energy will rise.
2) Automotive/car industries:
This is the industry that’s going to suffer a massive setback when the fossil fuels deplete. This is because it entirely depends on the non-renewable resources. The prices of gasoline being increased has resulted in the fact that people prefer buying low-gasoline powered vehicles rather than SUV’s etc
3) Steel industry:
The steel industry also uses non-renewable sources like fossil fuels for energy-purposes.
All these industries can survive only if they find new ways or ‘greener’ solution to these hassles.
4) The reduction of fossil fuels impacts the common man’s life too:
There are a number of household reasons why people use excessive fossil fuels. But, this can be considerably reduced if people start using solar energy for various purposes. By installing solar panels, they can not only save on their bills but also can qualify for a decent amount of subsidy too.

It’s high time that we join hands to save the precious fossil fuels. We need to conserve the fossil fuels before mother earth is exploited totally for the non-renewable sources.
1) Try using electric cars:
These vehicles use considerably less amount of energy from non-renewable sources and must be rightly encouraged. But, the only problem that lies is its cost. Electric cars or hybrid cars are comparatively costlier than the rest. This problem could be eliminated by the process of carpooling or even public transportation You can always share vehicles among the people of your neighborhood and thus form active members in saving the fossil fuels.
2) You don’t have to travel now and then by a flight:
There might be several reasons why you travel by flight regularly. Try to reduce the errands. Instead of personal meet-ups, you can even try video-chatting, video-conferences depending on the criteria of the meeting. Thia is because,the airline industry uses a lot of fuels in the process.
3) Stop using plastics:

dont use plastics
Most of the plastics are fabricated with the usage of fossil fuels. Thus, there is huge wastage of fuels. Try using biodegradable things and packaging to avoid landfills.

Again, it’s the same mantra of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. When you understand this thoroughly, you can definitely do good to your country and the planet.

reduce reuse recycle
4) Acquaintance is a must!
Fossil fuels deplete due to the usage of the people in the entire planet. So, it’s not only you and me who have to work in this direction. We need to acquaint everyone regarding the preponderance of this concept. Only then, we can see the change happening.

fossil fuel depletion

Fossil fuels are very important for us and our future as well. We need to protect them wisely before the fossil fuels turn unfortunately unavailable for the multitudes of our future generation.


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