If you live in a city and dont want to use a car , you can choose a greener alternative , such as riding a bicycle or catching a public transport . And there will be mant benifits to you , including improved fitness and cost savings , also saving time by not getting stuck in traffic, and ofcource ther are benifits for the environment too. Fewer cars and bikes means lesser emisssion of carbon dioxide , carbon monoxide , oxides of nitrogen and sulphur and other green house gases. Also it ensures a cleaner and healthier environment for everyone around.


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Use of public transport is the best possible way to decongest roads , improve air quality, reduce emission of harmful poisonous gases into the environment and to improve air quality. Modern trains are responsible for less pollution than any other commonly used form of transport. One another advantage of using public transport is that you can work while you travel. You can work on your laptops, read a book or just meditate while you are travelling without getting worried about traffic or about your car breaking down.Do you know that if the number of people using public transport increases increases by 50% then there would be around 35% decrease in air pollution. If public transport in your locality in insufficient then , set the ball rolling by joining a lobby group to improve it. Talk to other commuters in your area , then work out on what kind of changes that are needed .


Finally organise a meeting or write letters to your local political representative , council or newspaper. If nothing works at this level then there is nothing wrong in banging the doors of higher authorities as what you are demanding for is your right. There is other way too, ask your employer if working flexible hours is possiblilitity. If so, you can can use various means of public transport by sewitching on from one to another during hours other than the peak hours therby increasing the possibility of you getting a less crowded train or a ferry and a seat too! Many comopanies encourage staff to use more of public transport for traveling by providing pick and drop services to employees though the company car. Also, many companys allow its emplyees to work from home and calls them to office on specific days only. So, in this way not only you can work in the comfortable environment of your home efficiently and according to your convinience but also you save time you waste in travelling , therby , increasing your work efficiency.



If you are fit enough to drive a two wheeler , then buy yourself ascooty. They comes easy on your pocket , require less maintainance and there are hundreds of varities available in the market to match your needs and taste right from design , colour , brand to speed , wheel base and type like petrol , electric , hybrids etc. But make sure that you buy appropriate safety gears too , as mentioned in the guidlines issued by traffic control and safety department of your city. For more power , opt for an electric bike. It is easy to handle and is eco-friendly as it is charged by a powerful nickle -hybrid battery and can travel upto the speed of 30 km/hr on an empty roads.


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Bicycles have differnt designs and modifications for different purposes. Not only it contributes to daily basic fitness of an individual but also saves a lot of energy and is possibly is the greenest source for travelling in the current slot of transports used by us. A study in Denmark involving 30,00 people , followed over 14 years , found that cycling to work decreased the risk of early death by 40 per cent ! Not only cycling is fun  but it also contributes a loy to save your money. Cycling reduces the risk of heart diseases , high blood pressure , obesity as well as diabetes. With technological advancements and new materoials commoing into play , modern bikes are becoming faster, lighter, stronger and stylish too!  Let’s have a brief look abut different varients of bicycles available in the market:

RACING BIKES: These cycles are built for strength rather than the speed. They are designed for well surfaced roads. Such bikes are used by people for ther daily basic commuting purposes.

MOUNTAIN BIKES: This one is designed to travel on those tough terrances. Provided with thick wheels and suspension , this one requires more energy for the have more drag.

TOURING BIKES: This one is a hybrid version of mountain and touring bikes. They have straight handlebars and thick wheel base and also they have more number of gears for easy hill climbing. Such bikes serve up the purpose of both commuting as well as that of a hill riding bike.

However travelling by foot is still the best possible means of travelling . While you might complain about heat and long distances , it is benificial for your health and also for your environment. If you dont like to travel long distances on foot , try to go on foot to your nearby grocery shop or local shopping complex in this way you’ll not only save time you spend in parking lot but also add on to your fitness too!


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