Do-It-Yourself: Live Greener

Everyone wants to live safe and clean, but nobody wants to achieve that by natural means. We are living in a selfish world, where everyone keeps their house and the space within the compound clean, but making the street and other places untidy. Our earth is facing a lot of problems by our acts and if this is continuing this way, maybe we will live through safely, but our future generation will become the victims of our actions. For everything there is a way, if we adopt natural and eco-friendly means in our daily life, we will be able to make changes and achieve a better Earth. There are lots of do-it-yourself plans which are eco-friendly and are efficient too. These are easily done by an individual and contribute to the well being of our Earth.

We all love to do projects and these are very easy and can be done by anyone, but to the basics. These are very efficient and will make even the non-green lovers to think twice about this plan. Here are 10 projects which won the price in Green Living and Technology organized by “Danger is my Middle name”. These projects are really fascinating because they are useful in our daily life and are for the betterment of Earth. Even if we don’t work it out in our backyard, we can certainly pay respect to them by at least checking them out. Here are the projects,

Solar Power Revere Trike: This mode of transport was designed by Farrukh Khan, which is very green mode of transport. This can be made by you in just 10 easy steps in less than twenty days. This entirely works on solar power. This three wheeler has a reverse trike configuration, which is light, compact. It has a 40 watt photo voltaic canopy that charges on solar panel that is on the top of the vehicle. This vehicle can get you anywhere.


Solar Kiln: This was designed by the students and the staffs of VT (Virginia Tech) and was perfected by the user of Instructables, dorybob. This invention has a wooden box covered by a roof that acts like a green house. This will generate hot air and an internal solar collector. This box will be warm and will dry any wet wood very fast. It can be done very easily, and will keep us cool in winter, rather than sitting in front of a stove and letting out smoke.

solar kiln

Solar Charging Station: This is a wonderful invention which lessens your solar bill so much that you will try one more the next month. It was invented by Caperren an Instructable’s user. It can be build very easily with just 100$. It is very easy and can be done in just 5-6 days. Even if there is a defect in the construction, it can be repaired very easily with available materials.


Rocket Grill: This invention is shows us how to green up the summer barbeque with the help of bio-fuels rather than charcoals. This requires no maintenance and achieves maximum with absolutely no smoke. It is small, light weight, never rust or burns, and can be transported very easily. It can be done very easily within no time and the buildup also cost less. This project will catch the eye of all the welding maniacs.


Fusion Home Energy Reactor: This Fusion energy reactor is very efficient and can be constructed in a few steps. It was built by The Home brew Guru an Instructable’s user. With just few steps you can convert the combustible garbage into electricity. It is very green and clean method. This project can be done easily by anyone.


Triple composite Bin: This invention converts the organic waste into fertilizer for the plants, so that we will be able to keep away all the unwanted means to fertilize the plants. This was invented by cut’n’paste user of Instructables’s. It consists of three parts and so allows all the three stages of compositing the materials. It also allows the material to take its own time to break down. The material is very useful in our daily life because it will give us the bio fertilizers to feed the plants. Composite bin is a superb idea because it will take away the use of destructive fertilizer’s from action and also keeps our health in a good state.


Aquaponics System: This system allows us to grow our own food, in our own surrounding. This was done by Jaycub. This is essentially a miniature farm and allows you to grow your own food. This is not only useful for the plants but also allows us to grow our fishes. The material, effort and maintenance are very less.



Solar panels from Cells: This projects helps us to make our own solar panel that works out quiet well with the help of the cells that can be brought online. To become successful in this project, you will need some bits and pieces that you can fetch from a DIY store. We should be cautious when we handle the tools, because it is lot of power. This idea was implemented by Fozzy13 of Instructable’s.


SAWDUSTOVEN: This oven was invented by Mr. Sanchez. This is the best cooking equipment that can be taken on a camping trip. It uses sawdust which is easy to make, safe and cheap. This is a wonderful example how to turn a few materials into green cooker. It will not only provide us delicious food but also make sure that we don’t set the forest around us on fire.


Wind Turbine from Scrap Dust: The final project that got into the top 10 is the Wind turbine from the scrap and was provided by Pushthatbolder from instructable’s. This project helps us to build a wind turbine from the bits and pieces that is found lying in the garden shed. This project is very easy to build if we go through the steps very thoroughly. This project will produce electricity efficiently and that too in a low cost.



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