The Need for Change !

Have you been reading about environmental problems and are concerned about the climatic change? Do the decreasing monsoon in India and the uneven temperature affect you? Do you want to contribute to the environmental conservation but do not get time to do so? Does your fast and materialistic lifestyle have taken up your space with nature? Probably you are too busy to find space to plant a tree and take care of it.

Well, it is the right time to bring a change in your lifestyle and try to save the ailing planet. The little change in your lifestyle has the ability to create wonders for the environment and for the planet at the same time.

Development and Environment need to be taken hand in hand.
Development and Environment need to be taken hand in hand. Sustainable Development offers a solution, but it has now become Handle With Care issue.

The pace of development and progress has covered the need to pay attention to the rising planet of temperature. I am sure that you can buy an Air Conditioner this summer and use it infinitely without caring for the electricity bill, but are you sure that the environment can afford the large quantity of carbon dioxide released by your AC? I am sure a large car fits your budget and the rising petrol costs do not bother you, but are you not bothered by the greenhouse gases released by your car?

The running tap, while you are brushing, may not affect you. But it does affect millions of people who suffer due to lack of water. The orange peel or the toffee wrapper you just threw on the ground is not a big deal for you, but when it attracts flies or chokes the whole drain, it should matter. When you do not switch off the engine at red light, it should matter. It should matter to you, when any of your activities bring harm to the nature.

Keep your house, streets, roads clean and hygienic.
Keep your house, streets, roads clean and hygienic.

Many people keep their house neat and clean but do not care about the dirty neighborhood. It is the time to bring a change in your attitude. The whole planet is your home, and your ancestors are living on it for thousands of years and for many years, your grandchildren will continue to live on the same planet.

One thing which was in our ancestors but unfortunately lacks in most of us is the respect for nature. There are proofs which hint at the worship of nature by the early man. They were aware that they must respect the nature, which fulfills all of their needs. They understood the importance of conservation of nature and followed it accordingly.

Remember, conservation does not require a lot of efforts. Just a change in your attitude towards nature would be enough.
Remember, conservation does not require a lot of efforts. Just a change in your attitude towards nature would be enough.

But here are we, completely neglecting the needs of the nature. Being selfish and greedy may not be a very good idea at the end. Being hypocrites is worse. You may post the picture with caption- SAVE PLANET, but if you do not act, it does not help. Tweeting about Saving Water may not help if you do not value each and every drop of water. Even writing about afforestation is futile, if I do not go and plant a tree.

Is saving the planet too difficult? Does it require too much of time and energy? No. Rather, the need is to alter some of our habits. The need is to nurture respect for the planet in our heart. Once we do realize the need for environment, we will automatically start caring for it.

Make it a habit. Turn off the tap when not in use.
Make it a habit. Turn off the tap when not in use.

One of the best ways of realizing the worth of nature would be a visit to some beautiful places on the earth. A visit to Kashmir or Kerala or to a forest or a village would make your day. Life can be truly amazing in the shade of nature. And you’ll understand the worth of this heavenly earth.

Once you start taking steps to conserve environment, you will find them dissolving in your lifestyle. We give more importance to money, but it is not rocket science to understand that the planet is more valuable than any other materialistic thing. So, start making a habit which will lead to the benefit of environment, and will ultimately benefit you. Believe me, the greener the area is, the better will be the lives of the people living in the area. Less diseases, controlled climatic variations, more oxygen, less pollution, healthier world would be the result.

Green Day

Rather than blaming each other, it is the time to take the blame on ourselves and try to improve. These little changes make a difference. Last but not the least, the utmost important step you can take today, to save environment is to change your attitude towards environment and to change your lifestyle according to it. Have a green day 🙂


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