Now you can stay fit without going to the gym!

Has the thought of going to the gym always eluded you? Or has exercising always been a tedious and monotonous task for you? In any case, you are not alone. Many people avoid the gym for various reasons- some don’t have the time, some don’t like it and some don’t feel it’s needed at all. But that is not true. All of us need some form of physical exercise. It keeps the body fit and running. Your body is like a bike which needs oiling once in a while. Keeping fit is a major necessity for all alike. It helps you prevent diseases, doesn’t let you gain weight and keeps you energy levels up.

But who has the time to go to the gym nowadays? Spending even one hour at the gym everyday is impossible for many, not to mention the steep membership fees of the gym that you have to shell out from your pocket. Many people spend a lot of money getting a membership in a gym but ultimately stop going after a few days. In other words, all of us are not meant for the gym. What then can be done to keep ourselves fit? There are a lot of other options which can be chosen that provide some form of physical exercise, without the use of fancy machines. Here is a list to help you-

  1. Walking- walking is the best form of exercise without using machines. Try to take out at least half an hour from your busy schedule and go for a walk in the park, in the morning or evening according to your convenience. Better than walking is actually brisk walking which is nothing but walking at a faster pace. It helps in your body metabolism and works up all your muscles. If you don’t have time to go for a walk separately, try walking to work or back from work. You can also take your dog for a walk, if you have one.           walk
  2. Running- going for a run once in a while is a good way to shed calories. Running increases strength and stamina overtime.
  3. Jogging- much like walking and running, jogging works up your entire body. It enhances cardiovascular fitness considerably.
  4. Skipping- especially for kids or teenagers, skipping is an ideal way to stay fit and healthy.
  5. Swimming- one of the best cardio workouts is swimming where you can burn 200-300 calories each session. Swimming can tone your body really well.


  6. Dancing- dancing is a fun way to stay fit. Sign up for a zumba class or any other dance form that you like. A high-tempo dance like zumba really provides a good aerobic workout. Enjoy the rhythm of the song while moving your body to the beat. Salsa, rumba and ballet are some other good choices. Dancing is an excellent choice for all those people who find exercising tedious and boring. Dance can give you a good workout without you even realising it.
  7. Yoga- not many people know this but yoga is good for the body both internally and externally. Yoga gets your body in great shape that even machines can’t. Yoga gives you a flexible and robust physique. It also aids digestion and blood circulation.
  8. Sports- be it football, basketball or tennis, sports is a great way to stay in shape and shed any extra weight. It improves flexibility and strength of the body. Choose any outdoor sport of your liking and start burning calories. Sports build endurance which helps fight diseases like high blood pressure and heart problems.   ATP Tennis 2011 - Aug 17 - W & S Open_Ana Ivanovic (SRB) v Nadia Petrova (RUS)
  9. Martial arts- martial arts like karate and taekwondo help you both physically and mentally. It helps build a stronger mind and body. The initial training requires a lot of intensive workout. But you do require a good instructor to help you.
  10. Take the stairs- next time you have to use an elevator, resist the urge and take the stairs. This may not seem like a lot of exercise, but walking ten flights of stairs in a day can be quite exhausting. It is a great way to get toned legs pretty fast.
  11. Cycling- always trust your handy cycle to give you a great lower body workout. Ride your cycle whenever you can to strengthen the muscles. Flexibility increases overtime. Balance and posture are also improved.
  12. Trekking- go for trekking at least once a year. there is no better exercise than this. it requires a lot of physical exertion.

Apart from these great workout regimes, you also have to take care of your diet. Eat small meals throughout the day. Instead of having three or four large meals a day, try to divide your meals into ten or twelve per day. Have some food every two hours. This actually makes your body burn fat faster. You body is constantly working to digest the food.

Now that you are spoilt with so many choices, having a bit of a workout should not be a problem anymore. Pick any of the activities you like and start doing it from now on. Remember, your health and fitness is in your hands. You don’t have to depend on machines to give you a good workout. Go the old-fashioned way and see how it turns out.


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