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  • Exercise your way to being Healthy

    Exercise your way to being Healthy

    One usually associates exercise with a well-toned body, bulky biceps and tight fitting t-shirts. Exercise is more than that. Wikipedia defines exercise as any physical or bodily activity that maintains or enhances health and overall wellness. Miriam Webster defines exercise as a movement or a series of movements that are done to become stronger and…

  • Now you can stay fit without going to the gym!

    Now you can stay fit without going to the gym!

    Has the thought of going to the gym always eluded you? Or has exercising always been a tedious and monotonous task for you? In any case, you are not alone. Many people avoid the gym for various reasons- some don’t have the time, some don’t like it and some don’t feel it’s needed at all.…

  • sports ! A need

    sports ! A need

    Just lying on the couch and watching, watching Television seems to be cool! But it is not. Playing video games might be interesting but does not as energetic as sports. Playing outdoors games are much happening then indoor games.It was man’s desire for a healthy pastime and a method of self evaluation and competition that…