Reasons to espouse GREEN LIVING

We would have probably observed in News papers and on the television about going green and would have wondered that Why is so important to adopt green living?. People ask us to espouse green methods, we see green everywhere these days- in fashion, politics, food and even in technology. Whenever we browse our needy, an advertisement pops up showing green living. You cannot escape a day without a notification on green living. We see a million ideas on how to adopt green living, people share their ideas in various blogs, many suggest on organic foods. We get a bit confused and irritated in being told about green life all the time. Have you ever wondered why it is so important? Well, it’s easy to sweep over, just begin your life with a positive approach towards our mother earth. As globalization is making the world a small place, it is easy to know how life on  earth  is being  carried on. So the green house gas emission in India can affect the forests in Australia, toys made in Australia can affect the quality of life in Brazil and so  on.

The verity is that, every single thing that we do in our daily life have an impact on Mother earth, whether it is good or bad. As an individual we should bring control on whatever we do; from having organic food to planning your vacation. Having a healthy environment will not only be beneficial to the mankind, but also to other species living along with us. Embracing green life is not for helping other species living along with us, but, ultimately, to improve the quality of your lifestyle. Here are legal points for green living,


Food is the fuel for our body, not only for us, but for all other living organisms. The green eaters’ mantra goes like; eat seasonal, local organic foods, you can have fresh food, tastier food and also improve your health. Are you thinking, HOW? Well, here is an example that will make you go for organic foods; Organic milk has 68% more Omga-3 fatty acids than ceremonious milk. This does not end here; buying organic food can help in improving our national economy and reducing the green house gas emission for the production of food. Adopting organic food means, promoting organic agriculture and land use, rather than waste land for buildings.

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Women’s favourite, Cosmetics. It’s not only women, guys, you are not off the hook. Our skin absorbs about 60% of the petrochemicals applied on it. Most of us use at least 5 to 6 products daily, this can really add up. So when we go for green cosmetics, we will be able to have healthier and natural looking skin rather than painted up skin. Prevent the chemicals from getting into your skin.

Every stuff that you own consumes energy for their making. Nothing comes right from the store. Every single object in your home has an environmental impact. So, only adopt materials that have very minimum or no environmental impacts, such as the organic cotton, sustainably harvested woods and recyclable materials. Making the right choice will protect the forest, animal’s habitat, water and biodiversity. Buy fewer products or try second-hand products; this will reduce the waste in landfills.

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Electricity is the main source of power no-a-days. We use electricity for all means, for computer, TV, fans, lights and on all electronics. Have you ever wondered how this electricity is produced? If not, then most of the electricity is produced by coal burning. A report has shown that, half the amount of America’s electricity comes from burning coal, which becomes the country’s largest source of air pollution. We can espouse solar and wind means to produce electricity. Both these sources are found hatful. In this way, we can reduce the demand and also the cost of electricity.

The major source of air pollution is the transportation. Vehicles contribute the large amount of carbon-di-oxide and other chemicals into the atmosphere. So, when we buy a vehicle, we are going to contribute some pollutants into the atmosphere. Any time you choose to ride a bike, walk to your destination, or take a public transportation, you literally nullify the chemicals that are going to be emitted into the atmosphere. When we take a train over air-crafts for a long trip, we can reduce the carbon amount in the atmosphere. Go for electric cars, which can certainly reduce the global warming, which is an issue in our world.

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Another reason is the clothes. Production of clothes needs a large amount of material, energy, water and labour. It also includes the uses of pesticides to grow the crops for the textile industry. We should stop using such clothes; instead, we can go for organic cotton. We care a lot about our clothes, while washing, drying and while wearing them. We can live in a greener way and help our Mother Earth to increase its lifespan.

Clean Water is certainly not a renewable resource. Drinking water is the planet’s most cherished resources. But with the increase in the climate change in many places, we would not be able to get pure drinking water. We should be conscious about how much water we use. We can use it for our basic needs, but to waste it, is a crime. We are moving into a situation where we will have to pay for drinking water. We must stop buying bottled water. The plastic quantity is increasing in the landfills and as it does not degrade, we have to bury it or burn it. Either way, we will have a huge amount of impact on the atmosphere.

Nature can recycle the dangerous gases in the atmosphere, then why can’t man recycle the wastes. We must follow the mantra, reduce-reuse-recycle. When we recycle the waste, we will be able to reduce the growth of landfills and the amount of chemicals that is being used to make a new one. Some materials like glass and aluminium can be recycled without being down cycled. Recycle is the best way to spot the entrance of chemicals into the atmosphere.

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These were some of the reason espouse Green living. We should start living in a greener ways in order to increase the life span of our planet. The only mantra to achieve greener plant is “Green saves Lives”.



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