Save Your Money By Saving Resources!

Saving the environment might not be our primary concern – but saving the cash in our pockets might be. In this age, where one stingers over paying even the smallest amounts, can eco-friendly technology actually be of any help to save our bank accounts? Here are 6 ways that might help you reconsider.

Save Water!eaaarth
The first gadget that crosses our mind when thinking about saving water is the low-tech shower timer, which might be very beneficial to save your money too. The more low-tech, the better because that means lesser materials are being used to make that gadget and will thus have a smaller impact once the gadget had run its course. A great example is the shower timer from Ripple. A shower timer lets you know when you’ve had enough minutes in your precious shower and doesn’t let you waste anymore water, or money for that case. But, you must be thinking… what good is a short shower if your shower works like a hydrant? Well, The Roadrunner, is a great option that uses just 1.59 gallons per minute. This is effective in both, having a proper shower and not actually wasting any money.

Save Light!
Light bulb technology has been gaining a lot of momentum these days. There are different bulb technologies that suit each one’s needs uniquely. By shopping for energy effect CFL or LED, you will save a ton of time. Often, there are times that we forget to switch the light off – an honest mistake that can cost us a lot, literally. But worry not, there a timer for even lights to switch themselves off in the worst case scenarios of forgetfulness. The Lights Out Autoswitch from Black and Decker is an easy to install option that will be on the market soon. Or, the motion bulb accomplishes both tasks of switching to CFLs  and turning off lights by utilizing motion activation.

Save Heat!
The change in the seasons causes us to use our heating and cooling systems. Sometimes, you find that a particular area is not getting heated/cooled and you begin to wonder why. This is caused due to lack of proper insulation – which should be checked for especially at doors and windows. One upcoming gadget, also from Black and Decker, will help you find out exactly where this insulation needs to be done. The Thermal Heat Detector, is a small hand held device that measures the temperature as you move all walls , floors, ceilings, etc, telling you where there’s a drop in the temperatures, thus helping you insulate the right areas.

Save Electricity!
Saving electricity is one of the commonest ways of cutting back the bills. Of course one has to be always cautious of not leaving any switches on, and sometimes even monitor your TV time. But still, one has to admit, the electricity bills don’t die down that easy. So how does this problem get solved? First of all, one has to evaluate which gadgets are sapping the most energy and then towards reducing that load. Use a power monitor to figure out how much you’re spending and what is causing you to spend more than necessary, so you can start cutting back. Black and Decker’s Power Monitor is a good option for this. Other options include a Wattson, or to cut back the power for specific devices, the Kill-A-Watt is a classic favorite. Smart Power Strips are also a great way to save money by eliminating phantom power.

Save Gas!
When we say gas, we means all fuels used in your private vehicles. With the cost of it all going up, we hardly believe it is convenient to still drive one’s car to the least distance places. The first step in saving the car department is to simply drive less. Use a cycle or walk where one can. Or better yet, use public transport. If you have an iphone, there is also an app called Cartificate that helps you find people who’d car-pool with you. Car-pooling is a great option too, which basically is sharing your car resources with other people for a lower cost and they sharing it with you in turn. Another way to save gas is to always know your route. The more you get lost or waste time driving on longer routes – the more gas and money you waste.

Save Batteries!
We are still stuck in that pit that is trying to get rid of disposable batteries. But many gadgets today still require them, like TV remotes, torches, clocks. If you are unable or cannot avoid purchasing gadgets that require AA batteries, then the best way to save money is using rechargeable ones. Buy a good battery charger and keep the batteries as long as possible before recycling them. A universal battery charger will cost between the range of $15-$40 –  a lot less, than an entire 5 year use of disposable batteries. But of course, if you want to go totally green – avoid using gadgets that need disposable batteries

Nature might be all around us to satisfy our needs. But one cannot argue that by saving the environment, we are ultimately saving ourselves… Not to forget, saving many precious green notes in the bank too.