You must have noticed that your mother really wants you to wear cotton clothes. Do you have memories of your parents forcing a cotton top or a cotton shirt onto you because the fabric is apparently just too good to be true? Well, some of us do. And guess what they were right. There is every logical reason behind the cotton obsession and the superior status that cotton enjoys among all other fabrics is very much well deserved and justified.

Cotton grows as vegetation and this strong fiber is used in the textile industry. One of the disadvantages of this fabric is that it easily creases and quickly fades. But apart from this small inconvenience there is hardly anything about cotton that has the power to throw you off. In fact the benefits of cotton are far more overpowering for you to even take note of this minor gripe.

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To list the qualities of cotton, it is primarily hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant which makes it the best material for people suffering from asthma and allergies. Other than that it is the smoothest clothing to come in contact with your body. So if you have a history of skin diseases or various other skin related problems like irritation or infection, cotton is the material for you. As it is a natural fabric it is the best for air circulation helping you to absorb body moisture and you can definitely trust it on your hot and humid days to keep you cool. It can even draw heat away from your skin leaving your body cool and dry.

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As a fabric, it is beneficial for the manufacturers as it blends easily with other fibers and is easy to dye. Its versatility renders it useful and suitable for all types of clothing, from underwear to dresses and shirts and sarees, sweaters, household linens like curtains table cloth etc. The fabric is also long lasting and can be used over a long period of time, making it ideal for wash and wear. Cotton is also the top most choice for hospitals when used for medical purposes as it is easy to sterilize, can endure high temperature and is the only material that becomes much stronger when wet. In fact, it is also preferred for making fire fighter uniform as it can be coated with flame retardant substances and it does not even catch fire quickly like the nylon and synthetic materials.

Now if you are concerned about your environment and care about preserving it or doing good deeds for the nature, then again this fabric seems to be the ideal material for you. Cotton is completely biodegradable and is a renewable option which while put under processing is known to lose lesser than 10% or only a minute amount of it becomes non-usable. Cotton also happens to come in organic variety which means that less pesticides are used to grow it i.e. less exposure of the farmers to harmful toxic chemicals and a piece of good news for the environment. Organic cotton is even better for your skin and the very feel of it I s a natural healer. Cotton being durable, inexpensive, soft, beautiful and hypoallergenic is easily the best variety of clothing material in this day and age that you can lay your hands on.

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No wonder that the world produces and uses more cotton than any other material for it can be trusted with heavy duty multipurpose use. The other parts of the cotton plant also do not go wasted as they too are used for a variety of purposes like in the production of food, plastic and paper products. The breathable fabric which turns moisture away from your body is the best thing you can wrap your young ones with. If you have felt really light and cool on a humid day wearing a piece of cotton clothing, I trust you with your feeling. Cotton being weatherproof can be used all year round and a good piece of cotton shirt or cotton dress does not have to rest in your cupboard for too long like other materials of nylon, synthetic or even silk because whether or not you can wear them depends on weather, temperature, humidity, skin condition etc. With cotton as the dominating fabric in your collection you can almost say goodbye to such trivialities bugging you.

It is true that cotton is primarily used in making clothes but the use of it in medical purposes will amaze you. If you want to reap the benefits, just go buy a cotton towel or if you have got one already, hurray! What about when you are exercising, imagine the amount of moisture you give out, well, cotton clothing helps you by preventing moisture from building up between your skin and clothing. If you were to harbor the misconception that cotton clothing is only good for summer then let me tell you that cotton protects you both in summer and in winter providing thermal insulation as the fabric magically traps the air between the fabric fibers. Lastly, cotton is also beneficial for the farmers as it ensures a balanced ecosystem and enhanced health, also improving their economic situation because of the huge demand and is beneficial for food security.


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