Strange Natural Glass Samples, Egypt


Canadian anthropologist Klyayndinst Maxine (Maxine Kleindienst) from the University of Toronto (University of Toronto) and her colleagues published an article in the online journal on ScienceDirect strange specimens of natural glass found in the Egyptian desert. Scientists have stated that it is a consequence of the impact of a meteorite that fell to Earth 100-200 thousand years ago. And this unusual material, called by locals “glass Dakhla» (Dakhleh Glass), is the first clear evidence of a meteorite impact on the region, inhabited by people. Glass Dakhla more interested scientists since 1987, when Klyayndinst first discovered it in the Western Desert of Egypt. Researchers initially assumed that the glass of the Stone Age may have been a product of burning vegetation or effect of lightning strikes. But recently conducted by chemical analysis showed that the material is produced at such high temperatures that can occur only if a meteorite impacts in particular, it indicates the presence of fused quartz. Moreover, the benefit of this theory is evidenced by the fact that the samples were found in different places of the desert, separated by tens of kilometres, indicating that the scale of disaster. But no crater could not be found. His absence is explained by the fact that a large space rock may have disintegrated upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere. There is also a version that the fragments of the meteorite fell in ancient lake and completely “evaporated” him. And the fact that at the time of a meteorite Western Desert was inhabited, anthropologists there is no doubt: in the course of two decades of ongoing excavations here were found tools, the remains of dwellings, and the like. “All forms of life have been killed or seriously injured within many tens of kilometres,” – says Klyayndinst.


According to popular Theban (Thebes – the Greek name of the capital of Upper Egypt. Initially it was called No-Ammon, or simply But) the myth of the extermination of the people of Ra first created the first world different from ours, and repopulating it created them people peacefully their rights. When he grew old, his body was flabby, and hair – azure, forces began to leave God and his mind is dulled. Then people conspired against Ra conspiracy. They collected a large army and marched to storm the palace of the god. However, Ra, possessed of divine insight, uncovered a plot and set out to punish the rebels (according to another version, he said the conspiracy Thoth).

At the sight of the approaching to his palace, he ordered the armed mob lead other gods. Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut, Hathor, Thoth and Nun appeared in the Hall of the Great – the earth palace of his master, and the Nun said: – Tell me, O my lord, what happened? – God is the oldest of which I occurred! – Exclaimed Ra. – Gods, ancestors! See – people started out [tears] my eyes, plotted evil things against me. Tell me, what would you do in my place? How to do it? Gods plunged in thought, and Ra said: – I waited, I did not kill them before they heard what you say about it. – My son Ra, – said a wise old man Nun. – My son Ra, God is greater than that created it and created it! Strong thy throne, and great fear of you – yes will go against your Eye offended you! Verily! – Agreed to the other gods. – There is no other Oka, which could be in front of him and prevent him, when it comes down in the form of Hathor. – Your advice is good, – thinking, he said in Ra and looked at people with his eye the sun, directing their camp sizzling rays Urey. But the people were ready for it and had to hide behind the highest mountain in the desert – so the rays did not cause them any harm, incinerating the ground away from the troops. The rebels continued to advance, scattering into small groups and hiding behind rocks and stones. Ra could not burn rocks, though strained my Eye as long as it is not watered. Then the sun god told his Oku in the form of Hathor to go into the desert and severely punish audacious, rebellious people.


Hathor-Eye took the guise of a female lioness and was named Sekhmet. Full of rage, she lashed out at the people and began to ruthlessly destroy them one by one, irrigating the desert with blood and throwing himself around the pieces of meat. Deciding that people already punished enough and that from now on they have never dared to murmur against the sun god, and the more to rebel against him, Ra’s daughter said: – You have made ​​one thing for which I sent you. Pretty kill them! Go in peace. Hathor But not obey his father. She only growled fiercely answered I mastered people, and sweet in my heart! I want to destroy them all, I want to drink their fill of blood to the god’s rebellious troublemakers! Ra was horrified to see what kind of carnage started a Hathor. His anger at the people finally passed. Then he ordered his messengers to the island Elefaptipu bring as many red mineral didi. Couriers delivered didi. Ra ordered crushed red stone powder, grind barley and brew. When the beer was ready, the servant of God filled them seven thousand vessels, and are mixed in beer pounded red powder didi. Get a drink, the colour is very similar to blood. Then Ra ordered to pour it in the fields, where Hathor yesterday killed people. Ra commanded was done. Hathor morning came in the form of Sekhmet, the place looked yesterday’s carnage, and seeing a great multitude of blood-red puddles happy. Overcome with lust for murder, she rushed to drink imaginary blood. Beer had to taste it; she Lacan and varnish it as long as tipsy so that her eyes became clouded, and she could no longer distinguish between people. Then Pa went to his daughter and said: – Go in peace, my love. From now on, the people of Egypt will continue to bring you the vessels of beer each year on the feast day of Hathor. And yes you be called “Mistress of intoxication.”


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