Your Stress has Strange Sources

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You may be giving the stress factor less credit than it really deserves. Every time you are not willing to listen to anyone talk while you are working, you get irritated when someone disturbs you while you are thinking, you may be building the stress on you. In today’s time, there in increased level of stress as life is full of deadlines, frustrations, hassles, demands etc. Stress is not intrinsically a negative thing as it sometimes helps us to perform better and motivate us to give things our best shot.

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However, by and large the reason why stress has become a highly talked about issue in this day and age is because of its negativities which is way more than the positivity. One of the primary stress factor today is people’s professional life where they have to complete their scheduled work within the allotted period of time, meet multiple deadlines and report to their boss and in addition, make presentations, give their opinion on advances made, participate in a meeting and lastly be answerable for everything they do or refrain from doing. On the top of it, the synchronized system of capitalist economy and liberal democracy only makes matters worst as everyone has to be on the go and be constantly competing to survive and vying to reach that higher position in their professional domain, otherwise they become vulnerable to the risk of being fired. Lastly, you have to report in time.

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So starting from the rush in the morning to when you finally reach home to your children screaming, you are constantly under the effects of stress and trust me, there is no positivity to it whatsoever. But to list out the major causes of stress, there will obviously be certain common and primary cases we can name. The situation that tops the list of what puts you under stress is when you are not happy in your job. When you have too much responsibility on your shoulder at work and everybody depends on you for every sing thing, it is a good thing, must be because it makes you so happy and fulfilled but it is causing you to be stressed. Again if you are working for long hours in the office meeting one deadline after another and people are all praises about your style of work, you appreciate it because that is exactly why you have been working so hard, to gain that appreciation, but that too puts you under immense stress. Management skills are a top priority in today’s professional world, even when it is not a business that you plan to do or are engaged with. You might want to consider that everything that you do is a business. So yes, poor management skills no matter what on earth you do, causes you to be stressed beyond your imagination. Even if you are working in the kitchen cooking for your family trying to meet their deadlines or you are a student looking forward to completing a huge syllabus, management skills are a necessity. Otherwise it does not give you a clear expectation of your work and your say in the decision making process also comes down to nil, more stress? Yes!

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If you are insecure about whether or not you are making any advances at work or you risk being fired then too YOU ARE STRESSED. Big time. If you are not blessed with a miraculous vocabulary and do not have the power of speech, the power to attract and persuade through words then it will cause you to be under stress, a lot of stress. You will have to give presentations or a speech in front of your colleagues, so that too is a recipe for more disaster if you are not good at it. Strangely, even if you successfully overcome a hurdle and get yourself a big promotion, then too you will br required to make a speech, hence tension!

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Lastly, in the work related cases, there are known cases of discrimination and harassment due to some of your superiors having a greater say over things at work or worse, over you. That alone is the stress competition winner as it causes you to be frustrated, tensed, nervous and angry. All at the same time. This is because there is probably no way out in situations like this, when people are being unfair and you cannot do anything about it or tell anyone about it. Apart from these modern day champions of stress, if you are going through personal issues like dealing with death of a closed one, divorce, separation, break up, marriage, serious illness or a chronic disease, pregnancy, increase in expenditure, depression or other emotional problems, family dispute, legal cases, tragic events or accident, then you have my sympathy because I understand what you may be going through.

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Sometimes apart from these explicit scenarios, stress can from unknown sources where you might know what is causing you to be afraid, feel fearful or causing that fits of anxiety, depression etc. I suggest you switch to a healthier lifestyle as you deal with stress from both within and outside and see a psychologist about it and try to develop a healthy attitude because all that counts is your well being and happiness at the end of the day. Money and everything materialistic will come and go.

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