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  • Food Waste Management

    Food Waste Management

    The regular followers of followgreenliving.com might have read my last article on how pathetic the food wastage scenario is today. I had pointed out how callously indifferent the haves are of the have-nots. Well, if that had an impact on any level at all, one would probably be searching for ways to save food or…

  • Carbon dioxide Sequestration

    Carbon dioxide Sequestration

    Over the last century, human activities had a profound impact on the environment. Fossil fuel consumption, deforestation and other unsustainable land use practices have resulted in a dramatic increase of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emissions into the atmosphere leading to various serious environmental issues like global warming, acid rain, etc. Most studies and…

  • Tell your ACs to take a chill pill!

    Tell your ACs to take a chill pill!

    Come on, it’s just April, The Earth month. So, the tip of the Earth month is: “This summer tell your air conditioners to take a chill pill and hibernate as long as they can.” The Air conditioners are operating ironical to their name, and heating our planet Earth. Just for the sake of cooling our…