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  • World after oil- Pongamia oil could be the alternative then

    World after oil- Pongamia oil could be the alternative then

    What will happen after the biggest and the most important commodity of the entire mankind will vanish? How would be the world look like after the depletion of this incredibly useful resource for us? Yes, I am talking about oil. Oil is the most used resource on the Earth. Oils are used in million number…

  • O-zone : The Hol(e)y Saviour

    O-zone : The Hol(e)y Saviour

    First things first. Who likes French Fries? Or rather, who doesn’t? That latter question will give an answer that can probably be counted on a single hand. What we can infer from that is that almost everybody loves French Fries, God, they really are heavenly. And that everyone is going to become obese in the…



    Nature has bestowed us with many gifts. They are commonly called as NATURAL RESOURCES. The natural resource has made this planet liveable and have supported the evolution and sustenance of living organisms. Natural resources can be classified as PHYSICAL RESOURCES or BIOTIC RESOURCES  and in another way as RENEWABLE or NON RENEWABLE RESOURCES. As India…