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  • Marine threats and the Green solutions

    Marine threats and the Green solutions

    Man has not only conquered the vast land areas, but also the oceans. The growing repercussions of marine problems due to excessive pollution also raise an equally acute concern like the pollution on the land. It is estimated that most of the wastes or debris that is normally found in the oceans is a result…

  • The Rise of Environmentalists

    The Rise of Environmentalists

    “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed”, Mahatma Gandhi once said. It’s this environmental awareness that’s inexplicably procured a growing hype and has given birth to several environmentalists over the years. You might be frivolous towards the various environmental issues that reign now, but wouldn’t it be wise to…

  • Indian heritage vs. Pollution FD

    Indian heritage vs. Pollution FD

    The Indian heritage, the nation’s pride, the monuments are the cultural threads on the beautiful fabric representing India. Taj Mahal, one of WONDERS of the modern world, the seventh wonder known to be the fame of our country takes its physical base in northern India. The pride of our nation is being pale, gloomy and…