Top 10 indoor plants!

Now as we know, indoor plants are a big contributory factor to our health not only in terms of providing fresh air but also soothing us and distressing us. Not only in our houses, we can have one of them in our office space or car too.

So here’s a list of the top 10 indoor plants that we can begin with.

1.Aloe Vera

aloe vera

The aloe vera gel has a number of soothing properties including soothing skin burns, cuts, detoxing the body, purifying the air etc. It has a soothing effect on the eyes too. The plant can help clear the air of pollutants found in chemical cleaning products and when the harmful chemicals becomes excessive the leaves will display brown spots. All you need to do is plant a tiny aloe vera leaf.

2.  Rubber Tree

rubber plant

They are one of the easiest plants to grow as they thrive even in dim lighting and cooler climates. It is a powerful toxin eliminator and air purifier. These can be propagated   from leaf tip cuttings .Any good fast-draining potting soil will likely do. Feed with a liquid fertilizer throughout the growing season. They are relatively heavy feeders when healthy.

3.English Ivy

english ivy

It is one of the best air filtering houseplants as it is the most effective when it comes to absorbing formaldehyde. It is very easy to grow and adaptable. Try it out as a creeper or a floor plant. It generally requires little care when provided the right conditions. Often seen growing outside on the side of a house or a fence it will take temperature below freezing. You may want to use it in a dish garden as an accent for other plants. It tends to be more difficult when you initially plant it

4. Peace Lily.

peace lily

This is a wonderful low maintenance flower to grow at home. They can invariably reduce the number of toxins present in the air. It should not be positioned in hot, direct sunlight for extended periods of time, as your Peace Lily will most likely fade and scorch. Some morning sun would be great and provide bright light through the rest of the day.

5.Snake Plant

snake plant

They don’t need much light or water to survive thereby making them an easy choice for any corner of your home. It absorbs C02 and releases oxygen during the night, So add one to your bedroom for a clean air boost. It is a durable plant and high light is best to keep the foliage full. It is the most common variety with a broad yellow edge on the thick sword shaped leaves. Centre of the leaves is cross banded with pale markings. It has upright growth and a shallow root system and is best kept potbound. It has thick rhizomes that store water for a long time .While you may be able to keep a Snake Plant that is in high light slightly moist, in low lights the roots will rot and the leaves will turn swelly. Always err the side of less water of this plant.

6. Bamboo Palm


This is undoubtedly one of the top air purifying plants. Its particularly effective in cleaning out benzene. It needs to be well watered in shade or indirect light. An important part of Feng   Shui they are said to bring good luck and fortune especially if these plants are given as gifts. They can survive in vases of pure water .Even a poorly kept bamboo plant will live for a long time before finally it succumbs.

7. Philodendron


This is a popular plant choice for indoor areas are they’re easy to care for can grow decorative vines. They can also last for years together. Its small size also make it perfect for planting in dishgardens or terrariums. Most philodendrons will survive in lower light  but as with most other plants will become leggy under lower light conditions. Additional light from a fluorescent light is suitable if available.


8.Spider plant

spider plant

Being one of the most common house plants, they are decorative, easy to grow and also the best air purifying plants. These are extremely effective at fighting pollutants. They adapt to a variety of indoor conditions. It can be grown in shade or partial sun ,hot or cool temperatures. It does not require the high humidity that some house plants prefer. One of the best things is their grass like appearance that you don’t see in many indoor plants. It is a very attractive plant.


9.Red Edged Draceana

red edged dracaena

This beautiful vibrant plant can grow to be ceiling height making it a great plant for decorating and filling up space. It removes toxins and grows best in sunlight.


10.Golden Pothos

golden pothos

It is known for its ability to clear Formaldehyde from air. The leaves grow downwards in cascading vines. They grow easily in cool temperatures with low levels of sunlight. It has a glossy green leaf painted in yellow. It should stay that way in bright light but if kept in lower light, it may start to lose some of the yellow in the leaf and show more of green. Lower light will mean less frequent watering of indoor plants.



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