Traditional cigarettes or electronic cigarettes- the choice is easy

‘Cigarette smoking is injurious to health’- this is a statutory warning that we notice on each and every cigarette box across the globe. Nevertheless seeing this warning over the years has not led us to change our lifestyle or quit cigarettes. There are millions of people in the world who are addicted to cigarettes and cigars. In spite of being aware of the many health hazards of cigarettes, very few have been able to extricate themselves from its deadly clutches.

Cigarettes can bring untimely death in the form of lung cancer. It also has the ability to pollute the environment. In fact some countries have even banned the smoking of cigarettes in public, but to no effect. However with recent developments in research and science, a miraculous discovery has been made. This invention is called electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes promise to be a healthier and eco-friendly alternative to the regular cigarette. Many people, including celebrities have taken to this new form of smoking that does not contain the harmful ingredient tobacco. Many websites are now successfully selling electronic cigarettes online.


E-cigarettes contain a nicotine based liquid solution that is heated with an atomizer to produce a smokeless vapour. The electronic cigarette comes with an atomizer, batteries and the liquid nicotine solution in a bottle.

What makes e-cigarettes better than ordinary cigarettes?

  • First and foremost, e-cigs don’t contain the harmful addictive tobacco, which is the most important component of regular cigarettes. Instead electronic cigarettes contain a flavoured nicotine solution which is a safer alternative. Furthermore sometimes the e-cigarettes may not contain nicotine at all. They contain flavoured nicotine-free solutions instead. This is definitely a healthy way of smoking without causing irreversible damage to your body.
  • E-cigarettes come with a lot of variety in flavours. From chocolate, strawberry or grapes to menthol, bubblegum and vanilla- the choices are endless.
  • E-cigarettes have a pleasant smell unlike traditional cigarettes that give off a foul and repulsive smell.
  • One may argue that traditional cigarettes are cheaper, but in the long run electronic cigarettes prove to be an economical choice. An e-cigarette kit can be a bit expensive but it lasts you many months and even years. On the other hand, traditional cigarettes don’t last more than a week. So if you compare your total cost of traditional and e-cigs for a year, you would realise that e-cigs were a cheaper purchase. Moreover, e-cigs come with discounted rates on many websites which make them even cheaper.


  • E-cigs don’t emit smoke, thus they are not polluting the environment. Smoke can cause severe health problems ranging from asthma to lung cancer. Even second –hand smoke can be equally detrimental. So these smokeless cigarettes are definitely a better choice.
  • The other great thing about these cigarettes is that they are completely battery generated and reusable. Whereas smoking traditional ones leave behind innumerable number of cigarettes butts, with the e-cigarettes you have no such problems. With every man smoking an average of two cigarettes per day, it can be approximated how many cigarette butts get accumulated in the garbage over the years. The cigarette butts are not easily bio-degradable as well.
  • Electronic cigarette is also ash free. It does not make any mess when smoked.


With so many credits behind it, it is no surprise that many smokers are switching to the healthier electronic cigarettes. Due to this, e-cigarette sale has increased drastically in the last few years. The sales are constantly on the rise every year. But how much they are actually better or healthier is still a matter of debate among researchers. Many believe that although e-cigs do generate far less toxins in the body, it isn’t exactly toxin-free due to the presence of the malignant nicotine. Some also believe that in spite of proving to be a better alternative, it may not be able to compensate the needs of a tobacco user in the long run. Many researches are still going on to determine the exact benefits or harm of electronic cigarettes. With so many companies making their own brand of e-cigarettes, it is difficult to determine what exactly are the ingredients being used and whether they are all safe or not.

Apparently having solved the issue of excessive dumping of cigarette butts, electronic cigarettes are considered better for the environment. But here also, studies have pointed out that the batteries used in these cigarettes also ultimately end up in landfill. They are not bio degradable and hence pose a threat to the environment. But we have to remember that the batteries can be reused and recycled as much as possible.

In spite of having a few drawbacks, the utility and effectiveness of an electronic cigarette cannot be ignored. Most people are unanimous in their verdict that e-cigarettes are definitely healthier than regular cigarettes. If you have been suffering from tobacco addiction for many years and desperately need to quit, give electronic cigarettes a go. It is very easy to purchase and can be ordered online. It has helped many individuals curb their addiction and may help you too. Don’t let your foolish choices become a menace for you, your family and your fellow human beings.


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