Energy Conservation Techniques

With the electricity bill skyrocketing above your financial horizons, you’re left miserable with nothing but a decision that now seems altogether like a cliché – Save Electricity!!! Before it’s too late and your bank balance turns into a wrecking mediocre empty pot, you need to act. Yes, definitely. Sardonically, it might be for your personal benefits but yet, eventually it’s the energy that will be preserved.

Save Energy
What now seems to be everybody’s resolution is to rightly choose energy-efficient ideas to preserve energy. People need to get acquainted about the numerous energy consumption techniques .So, here I’d brief you about some of them:
1) Efficient usage of appliances
In the first place, always use ENERGY-STAR qualified electrical appliances.


* Use the power-save switch on your fridge. Check if the gaskets are sealed correctly. Set the temperature to a moderate 38-40. Stop peeking inside the fridge now and then. Well, we all know that there’s no magician in there who will cook you up your dinner.
* Turn off that iron box when not in use. It’s not only the energy that will get wasted but you also might end up in burning your clothes or god forbid, yourself!
* Always use the microwave oven in case of heating smaller food items and don’t overheat.
* When cooking on the stove, always use copper-bottomed vessels.
* Turn off the television when you’re not watching .If you really want something to play on the background, radio would be a better choice or an IPod, if you want to make it seem trendy, of course.
* When using the dishwasher, it definitely would be a wiser decision to wash the dirtiest of dishes, first .Use it on economy mode.
* Use the air conditioner only if necessary and shut the exterior doors or windows tightly when the AC is on use. Also, clean its air filters on a regular basis to not only improvise its performance but also save energy. Use a reflective coating for your roof .It will reduce the strain on your air conditioner.
Planting trees near your house also makes the environment cooler and you can reduce the use of an air conditioner.

2) Energy efficient lighting
A single light above your head is apparently sufficient.
Try using energy-efficient (compact fluorescent lamps) CFL’s or LED light bulbs and preferably, daylight. CFL’s are any day better that the standard bulbs. The excessive use of halogen bulbs can result in a fire hazard unlike the CFL’s. Considering the latter, you can also recycle them.
Encourage the usage of energy efficient lights even at your office. You don’t have to turn on all the lights of every room just to ward off darkness.
Moreover, use the correct light equipments by considering the sizes, types and the amount of illumination required.

Energy Efficient Lighting

3) Hibernate!
You’re on a long call with your old friend with your PC turned on and not really used. Why don’t you use the ‘hibernate ‘ mode? Or rather the ‘sleep mode’ .It sure saves the energy consumption and lets you talk to ‘that’ friend and at the same time maintain your frugality.
As an alternative, change the power saving settings on the control panel of your PC .Also, avoid using screensavers during inactivity and live wallpapers.
When you leave, shutdown the system.
Besides, laptops use less energy when compared to desktops .Now, that sends a fairly clear message.

4) Acquaintance
Here again, we are not speaking about the prevention of energy consumption only at your home/ office. You have to advise your relatives, friends and colleagues as well. Educate the kids in your home, to use energy efficiently.

5) Use solar energy

It is a flexible source of energy and can be harnessed easily using several electrical and mechanical devices and used for multiple purposes. Some solar power plants can even store the energy in order to be used after the sunset. It is not only the cleanest source of energy but also helps in saving electrical energy. Solar heating and cooking is therefore encouraged.
*Use induction Cook tops that are not only energy efficient but also safer, faster and customer-friendly when compared to the traditional heating systems.
* Install solar water heaters.

6) Reduce the ‘standby’ consumption
* Unplug the devices or appliances that are barely used like extra TV sets, a spare air conditioner, refrigerator or the like.
*Unplug your phone chargers when fully charged and your other personal gizmos as well.
The chargers draw energy even with the device unconnected. So, do not forget to pull the plug.
By doing this, you will definitely save a lot on your utility bill at least.
* Use power strips wherever needed and unplug them when not in use.

7) Heating.
*Reduce the usage of portable heaters.
*Lower the thermostat when you go out and otherwise set it to about 60 to 70 degrees when you’re inside. It’s better to keep it closer to the outside temperature.
* On a regular basis, change or clean the filters for a better performance/ efficiency.
* Use a programmable thermostat to adjust to the room temperature.
* Natural sunlight is any day better. Therefore, open the windows and fold the drapes to let sunlight stream into your house.

Now that you are familiarized with the numerous techniques that are involved in energy consumption, it would be only wise to go about and practise the same. After all, the earth is ours and we have only little that we could contribute, as of now. So why don’t we do it wisely?




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