What is GOING GREEN (Part 2)

In the earlier part we have seen Reduction in Pollution and Conservation of energy, and in this part we are going to see about

  1.  Conserve energy.
  2. Reduce consumption and waste.
  3. Protect earth’s ecological balance.

Conserve Energy

Conserve energy, what does it mean to going green. Considering the resources of earth, that is the oil, coal, natural gas, is in finite quantity. Humans have started exploiting the sustainable energy such as the Palm oil, and the cultivation of these resources have problems in environment. When we consider the infinite resource, the solar and the wind comes under this category. But people are not using this source as energy and are finding it difficult, when they get other energies without any difficulty.  Until the day all the people in Earth are ready to use the infinite, sustainable green source, we should conserve the energy resource for the future generation.

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There is lots of energy saving tips, which can be followed by us in our day to day life. We should adopt them now or it would be late by the time we realize that the situation have gone from our hands. Saving energy also means reduction in Pollution. The extraction of the energy producing materials from the earth’s atmosphere will lead to polluting the air. The power source that is being used to run the Power station, automobiles and the factories contributes in global warming. So the lesser the energy we use, the more we save the planet.

Reduce consumption and waste

Another important factor of what going green mean in practice is the reduce consumption and waste. The principle of RRR (reduce, reuse and recycle) cannot be over emphasized. We have to consume less, which especially means goods, so that there would be less need for energy and resources such as the raw materials. This will also help in less pollution, when we use lesser, there will not be a need to manufacture more and so the production will be less and so the pollution and the waste in production will be reduced. When we Reduce our waste will also be less, so we can use less energy to clean the waste in the landfills which will result in less pollution.

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Reusing leads to the reduction in the use of raw materials and also reduces the waste from the entire population of earth. Recycling can be used to reuse the materials in unwanted materials to make new items. In this way, other sources that will lead to the release of chemicals can be restricted from the landfills. We have to use the RRR policy, which can rapidly help us reducing pollution and save earth.

Protect the earth’s ecological balance

What does maintain and protecting ecological balance refer to going green?

Well ecological is the equilibrium that is maintained by the harmonious co-existence of the entire living organism which includes all the plants and the animals of the planet. If there is any change in the equilibrium, the entire eco-system will be affected. So when we go on to maintain the ecological balance, we actually are getting into harmonious co-existence with the living organisms of the planet. Human beings are not the only species in this planet, in-fact co-existing with us are millions of other plants and animals. But we human beings are living in this earth as if we alone own it. To make developments, we are destroying many natural habitats to many animals and plants. We are carrying out deforestation and clearing out green-lands at an alarming rate to get more lands for developments and to extract resources.

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In this process we have destroyed the lives of many creatures and their habitats. With the deforestation taking place, we are hindering the earth’s ability to clean itself from the pollutants and carbon-dioxide which will lead to climate change and other problems. And also over population have been a great issue and to feed this population we are stretching our earth a long way with over-farming and over-fishing. We do a lot of things for food and use a lot of technologies such as genetic engineering and artificial harmonic injection in animals. We have introduced many manmade and harmful substances into other species ad on our selves. These substances can have impact for a longer time. We are not kind to nature at all, and the ecological balance has been greatly upset and any species have gone extinct too due to man’s action. And the loss of these plants also means a good bye to the medicinal source. Whether it is ethical reason or our selfishness, we have to do something fast, so that we can save our earth and its species before it is too late.

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The environmental thought should be in our minds, when we do anything for the economical activities or the industries or the other activities in our daily life. Everything should be kept within limits; in-fact the environment should be given more priority because without the earth, we will not have another home. Going green also means that, we should not over consume any resource too much, and we should spread this to everyone around the world. When we consume what we need, we can reduce the strain from our earth and save its resources. We can have an organic garden or a farm and plant trees for our food and needs. Organic products can be used instead of the chemicals. Respect the lives of other species and also educate others around you to follow the same.

Small efforts are enough to change the world, but we have to work towards it. We are at the right time to start the process, and save our earth.