Green furniture: Elegance redefined !

Everyone longs to have fine intricate furniture endowed with some of the most fascinating details and looks. But, in a world where the environment is readily getting damaged by the numerous techniques of urbanization, don’t you think that buying ‘green’ furniture with the details of your choice, should play the trick and fortunately, drive you into a new ‘green’ era too!!

Green furniture includes the different furnishings and decor that are used in an Eco-friendly way. It is collectively called as environmentally-friendly furniture.
Green furniture does have some incredible features that are sure to make you shun the older ones.

When it comes to using Eco friendly furnishings in your home, green ‘eco- friendly’ furniture or decor that includes everything from nontoxic finishes, bamboo to artisan-crafted goods would not only make your home stand out from the rest but it would also radiate an exemplary taste that would surely entice your neighbors, relatives or who else, your colleagues too!!
If you’re buying wood furniture, make sure that it has an FSC (forest stewardship council) logo on it. FSC is an international non-profit that also encourages non- sustainable forestry .It also provides a certain certification to the companies that make wood furniture according to the norms and requirements of FSC.
They also go through a so-called chain of custody certification that will also enlighten you with the place where the wood was harvested too.
When you buy upholstered or any other filled or stuffed materials, it is always advisable to buy organic.
*Organic mattresses:

organic mattress
Organic cotton, wool, natural latex are very good replacements for the traditional ones.
* When you look for upholstered furniture, don’t miss out the organic fabrics and latex foamed ones.

Use bamboo!

bamboo furniture
Although it looks like wood and gives the conventional wood-like feeling, it sure isn’t. Moreover, it grows very fast and is abundantly available.Thus, it can be used generously in any of your furniture and trust me, they do have a classy look.

Vintage is cool!

vintage furniture

It is a very good choice to endow your homes with vintage, antique furniture.
Furniture that is nearly 20 years old is termed as vintage and the ones that are of 100 years old are  termed as antique.
If you go in search of antique or vintage, there is no need of any extra manufacturing or making, hence you save the amount of trees that are felled.
There are certain things that you need to keep in mind before you buy an antique or vintage:
* Check for the presence of lead. If lead is present, it would be only harmful.
If the wood is chipped, then you would have to paint it new .If there are little children in your house , then the lead would be surely inviting in trouble .So, you better rethink your idea of buying the same.

Buy local furniture !

Look for some decent furniture at the crafts shops. It would not only save your budget but also provide you with amazing furniture at a good cost. The main feature that you need to look for is organic fabric, materials and also artisanal furniture. It is always a better choice to buy from a shop where they manufacture the furniture, themselves.

How about making your own?

You can use FSC certified goods and craft out a masterpiece with somebody’s help if needed .Organic materials are readily available and they can be used for the upholstery .So along with spending your leisure in doing something interesting, you will also be welcoming a ‘greener’ generation.

If you want some quick ideas regarding this, I’d bring you to the notice of these designers who came up with amazing, brilliant ideas .
1) Japanese designer uses discarded tiles.

Discarded Japanese tiles crafted into an ergonomic seating.65000 tiles are discarded in Japan every year due to various reasons.
A Japanese designer, Tsuyoshi Hayashi took this into consideration and came up with a brainstorming idea of transforming them into elegant seats.
They are inspired by traditional designs of Japan and need no fixtures and can be arranged strategically to get a intelligently crafted masterpiece.

2) Using discarded materials to craft out whole new furniture.

furniture by a designer
Another amazing designer hailing from Netherlands, Francois Duquesne, who apparently lives a nomadic life, picks things out of the clutter and discarded materials in his neighborhoods and transforms them into pieces of new furniture that are not only eco friendly but are also  very good ideas to reuse the materials that are disposed.

3) Fire hoses used to build furniture

Californian company Oxgut hose co., started an interesting way to use discarded materials like fire hoses to build new furniture.
Instead of clogging up landfills and lying scattered throughout the place, Oxgut thought of crafting new furniture which turned out to be great stuff. The disposal of these forest hoses needed a very hefty amount of money, but the company was totally hooked onto the fire hoses and was very determined to make furniture out of it. This was a relief to the fire departments as well, since disposing these fire hoses did create a lot of hassles.
It sure is interesting to know that people around the world are discovering new ways to embrace a greener living, but, if you only think of it, what else could be a better idea than furnishing your homes with the decor of your choice and not-to- forget, with the furniture that you make, in your own desired style with a sprinkle of your ‘greener’ tastes !!? I think we all need to re-think that some time soon!




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