Impact of human activities

The earth is a place where we live in. There is lot of issues which is prevailing in our home (earth). Some of the issues are caused naturally but most of the issues are caused due to man’s activity. We have to protect our environment from its natural and manmade dangers, and use our earth to our advantage and produce renewable energy from its natural resources. But we are not doing that, only a small percent of the human are into recycling and renewable resources, and they do that for research and scientific purposes. Are people on Earth, ready to take up the challenge in the future? May be, they are, if they are not then they would not pollute the Earth like it is being done now. These issues cannot be stopped by planning in one day, or cannot be done by an individual. Everyone on earth should have the thought that the earth is being destroyed a lot by his activity and he should take some steps to stop this. We can’t continue in this way, we can’t let down our future generation.


The government is planning a lot of things to save our earth and to keep our earth clean. But we people are neither supporting them nor are we taking remedial measures by planting trees or by setting up a district clean up activity or throwing the garbage in to the waste bin rather than throwing it into the open space. When our government is cleaning up the surrounding, we are making it untidy in other way. The global issues are taking up its chances and are making a way for the common people to get to know about the havoc that people on earth are going to face in the future. Many care about it, but the priority is on the people who don’t care of it. We have to try and make our planet ‘Greener’ not ‘Browner’. Our scientist should start thinking about how to achieve a Greener world like the Oklahoma, and start its construction towards that, rather than researching about New Planets which are similar to earth. Even if people like us go into that planet, we will anyway pollute even those planets. We have to make a habit and make our surrounding clean. If each one in this world keep their surrounding clean then the scientist can take care of researching about new planets and the government can spend less in achieving cleaner environment.

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Here are some of the issues that look like a threat to our nature and require urgent attention, here they go,

  1. Gold Mining: We people love gold and like to wear them in various styles. Are we concerned about from where they come or how they are prepared? No, not at all. Gold mining is the biggest source of mercury release into the atmosphere. If you have been near a goldmine, you would be one of the few, who knows how their jewellery comes. Artisanal gold mining is the biggest source.
  2. Surface water contamination: We want water for everything. Yeah! I mean everything, but are we concerned about water. As we get water for free, we are not knowing it’s value. Surface water contamination is one of the problems that are prevailing in our earth. We transport a lot of things through water or we dispose waste into water. We don’t think the after-effects of that, or we are not concerned about the living organism in water. We are concerned about our self. We want to make our place neat and tidy, but the effects of those wastes would claim the lives of many species in water. These waste dissolve in water or mix with the water or sediment causing eutrophication or even extinction of species. Water pollution is also responsible for the pandemic spread of diseases.
  3. Ground water contamination: We want water but at the same time we also want to dump our waste too, so that it can’t be seen out. Do you know what will happen to the water underground? When the gasoline, chemical, oil leach into the ground water, this pure water gets contaminated. We also make a great use of landfill, road salts, fertilizers, hazardous waste sites and pesticides without even thinking of the effects. We need a remedy at that particular time rather than thinking of disposing it without affecting the nature.
  4. Indoor Air Pollution: We cook food, but do you know how much you are contributing to the global disease. It is 2.7%. It releases small particles and carbon monoxide into the environment.
  5. Industrial Mining: Industrial mining, if not handled carefully, would allow heavy metals to leach into the soil and water. Industrial mining can cause socio economic problem and lasting environmental issues by acid or alkaline drainage.
  6. Radio-active Waste and uranium mining: Radio-active waste has the sources from the fuel used in the civilian or military reactors or from the nuclear industry for commercial purposes. While the uranium has the same waste as that of radio-active process and is associated with large volume of radiating materials that are concentrated in very small areas.
  7. Metal Smelting and Processing: These processes can let out high quantities of air pollutants such as the hydrogen fluoride, oxides of nitrogen, sulphur dioxide, offensive and noxious smoke fumes, gases vapors and other toxic materials. It does not let out a gas alone, they have a heavy metal list too which goes on like, lead, chromium, arsenic, nickel, cadmium, zinc and copper.
  8. Urban air pollution: We all know the reason for the urban air pollution. For those who are not clear about the reasons, fossil fuel combustion, industrial production, vehicle engine, burning of biomass, these come under primary pollutants. We may be clear about these reasons but there are lots of small groups that react with the oxygen, sunlight, water and other chemicals and form into pollutants.
  9. Untreated sewage: We see a lot of sewage being filled and flowing down without being untreated. It not only makes the surrounding untidy but also contains pathogens that can cause serious harms to human being. If proper sanitation is not available, then everyone will be affected.
  10. Lead-acid battery recycling: They are found everywhere and it’s most common name is ‘car batteries’. Yes of course, they can be recycled but after certain cycles they tend to lose their capacity to hold energy and become a hazardous waste, and the danger part is that they release lead. So in many countries, batteries are recycled in areas far away from the human presence to avoid serious problems.

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These were only some of the issues, while there are lot more issues that are prevailing in our Earth and if remedies are not taken now, we may lose our earth and let out future generation down. We have to start thinking the right thing at the right time and start working towards it, rather than leaving it for later part.


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